2013 Vietnamese Horoscope

2017-02-06 at 5:47 PM

Welcome to 2013, the Year of the Snake. Considered a symbol of luck in Vietnam, the Snake promises to bring peace and prosperity to many this year. As a Water sign, the Snake is closely associated with education and research, so scientists and scholars are likely to see significant developments this year. The area of technology will be especially impacted by new advances under the Snake’s influence. All twelve signs can look forward to harnessing the positive energy of the Snake throughout 2013.

Rat – The Year of the Snake favors intelligent signs like the Rat, so 2013 is a good year for Rats to go back to school or continue their professional education. Rats are naturally social and others are drawn to their charm, but they tend to keep people at a distance. Rats that can learn to let someone in will be rewarded in love this year. Financially, Rats won’t find the investment success they did in 2012, but there is no need for concern. Rats should be aware of possible health issues, however, and make an effort to be more physically fit in 2013.

Ox – Things are looking up for the Ox in 2013. This is a great year for Oxen to take a leap into a new career or to make a big move in love with someone special. The single Ox would do well to share emotions more than usual in order to draw in a new love interest. Financially, this is a great year for Oxen to profit in risky investments, but a poor year to gamble with their health.

Tiger – They may feel like the Snake is conspiring against them in 2013, but Tigers should rest assured that there will be bright spots this year, especially for those who can reign in their restless natures and attempt to learn the patience of the Snake. Tigers should be wary of spending too many hours at work, opting instead to devote more time to family. In both love and finances, Tigers can expect to be in a holding pattern.

Cat – The year will likely start off slowly for Cats, but it will be a good time to carefully consider big career moves. Cats should make sure, however, that any big decisions are based on logic rather than on emotions. Cats shouldn’t be afraid to lead with their emotions in love this year, though. In fact, throwing some of their usual caution to the wind could bring great happiness. Financially, Cats are well-served by using their good judgment in 2013 and carefully examining any investment opportunities.

Dragon – 2012 was the Year of the Dragon, but 2013 promises positive energy and luck for Dragons, too. The first half of the year will be the best time for Dragons to make big career moves, as long as they take a moment to look before they leap. Dragons should use their intuition in love this year and be picky about who they spend time with. Financially, Dragons will be well-served by major investments in home purchases or remodeling this year. 2013 is also a good time for health check-ups for Dragons.

Snake – It promises to be a fruitful year for Snakes, whose patient natures will be rewarded with career successes large and small, making up for rough patches experienced in 2012. This year is likely to bring more excitement to the romantic lives of Snakes, but poor communication and self-doubt could cause problems. Financially, Snakes should continue to exercise caution in spending and investments.

Horse – As a Fire sign, horses may be challenged in this Water sign year. This is not the time for rebellious or risky moves at work, so Horses should focus more energy on relationships instead. In love, Horses will find themselves popular in 2013, but their gullible natures could lead to heartbreak if they trust the wrong person. Horses will see stable finances this year, and they should use this as an opportunity to save more for a rainy day.

Goat – Goats can look forward to a better year than most signs, as long as they don’t take unnecessary risks. This is the time for action in moving up the career ladder, so Goats should put in extra hours and dress for success. In love, favorable things will happen for Goats who aggressively pursue new romantic relationships, but those who sit on the sidelines will be lonely. This is a great year for big purchases, so Goats should not be afraid to look for a new home or car.

Monkey – The resourcefulness of Monkeys will be in high demand in 2013, so it’s a good time for Monkeys to go after a promotion or start their own business ventures. While the Monkey’s love life will be rather static this year – nothing exceptionally good or bad – it’s a great year to form new social connections. This is a risky time for Monkeys’ finances, and they should be especially wary of any proposed partnerships.

Rooster – Snakes and Roosters are very compatible, so the Year of the Snake will be quite favorable to Roosters. This is the year for Roosters to shoot for the stars at work and in love, as many good opportunities exist for those who choose wisely. This is also a good year for Roosters financially, as money is likely to come their way. Roosters should be careful, however, in not letting their financial confidence cross over into overconfidence that could result in losses.

Dog – Many signs will be jealous of Dogs this year, as they are poised to find success by taking big risks that will put them in the way of new career opportunities. In love, many Dogs will find a special someone in 2013, but they could face heartbreak if they fail to be vocal about their feelings. Financially, Dogs can benefit this year by making long-term investments in real estate or life insurance.

Pig – The Snake is the least favorable sign to Pigs, so 2013 will pose challenges. However, Pigs can benefit by relying on their strong work ethic and keeping a low profile. This is not the year for any big moves in work or in love, and Pigs should be careful not to take on too many extra projects that could lead to an unhealthy level of stress. In finances, Pigs should be wary of loaning money or making big purchases this year.

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