2014 Vietnamese Horoscope

2017-02-06 at 6:07 PM

Welcome to 2014, the Year of the Horse! As an immutable free spirit, the Horse is always looking for fun and for life’s next adventure. Open-minded and agreeable, the Horse is a friend to everyone and boasts a contagious excitement that draws in friends and strangers alike. The Horse is full of energy and, under his influence, this is likely to be a year of forward momentum and evolution for many signs.

Horse – Engaging and assertive, this is an excellent year for Horses to set goals at work and to focus energy on attaining professional success. Social invitations will be easier to come by than usual this year, and new people will be drawn to the Horse’s magnetic personality and raucous charm. Romantic opportunities will be abundant, but Horses should be wary of too much commitment, as they are likely to feel trapped in relationships this year. The Horse can afford to take some financial risks this year, but should listen closely to business partners. Impulsive, solo decisions could lead to conflict.

Goat – As a naturally indecisive sign, Goats should capitalize on the influence of the decisive Horse this year, taking the opportunity to move in a new direction to achieve professional happiness. Goats with a creative side will be especially rewarded for following their artistic dreams. The Goat’s innate pessimism may pose romantic challenges this year, but it will be a good time to right past wrongs and repair broken relationships with friends or family. Always a worrier when it comes to money, the Goat will be best served by risk-averse financial decisions throughout the year.

Monkey – With energy and social graces akin to those of the Horse, this will be a prosperous year for Monkeys looking for new professional partnerships, especially with Rats or Dragons. Many Monkeys will find themselves lucky in love this year, but a penchant for jealous behavior may cause trouble if left unchecked. Monkeys should be careful not be appear arrogant this year, especially regarding finances. Caution is key in investments at present. Monkeys should also be aware of possible health issues this year, making physical fitness an important goal.

Rooster – This determined sign will prosper by paying meticulous attention to details this year, especially with regard to large projects at work. Roosters should be wary of too much social pressure taking time away from professional endeavors, but there is still much fun to be had this year by bravely entering a new social circle. On the romantic front, things are likely to be a bit static for Roosters, as they focus their energy elsewhere. Now is not the time for risky financial decisions, and Roosters will be best served by staying the course on matters of finance.

Dog – Known to be both stubborn and loyal, Dogs may face negative professional consequences this year if they don’t abandon a sinking ship in time. Things look more positive on the romantic front, as Dogs will be more open-minded this year about love, especially when meeting new Tigers and Horses. Some Dogs may realize this year that they have been taking their finances a bit too seriously. They should not be afraid to spend a little of their hard-earned savings on an enjoyable trip, as 2014 will be an attractive year for travel.

Pig – Pigs prefer to stay on the sidelines, allowing Horses to be the center of attention, but in 2014 the Pig’s quiet, diligent work will be recognized and rewarded by superiors. This is also a prosperous year for Pigs who find love with Tigers or Cats and form loving, lasting relationships. Relationships with impulsive Horses, however, are sure to end in heartbreak this year. In finances, Pigs should be cautious of making large, long-term investments this year, focusing instead on building their savings.

Rat – As a power sign, Rats are born leaders. However, that power-hungry nature may make 2014 rocky for Rats on the professional front. Those facing challenges at work should be sure to keep their tempers in check when dealing with colleagues. It will be a desirable year, however, for rats to achieve personal successes such as getting married or starting a family. Finances seem likely to be static for Rats this year, so be wary of investments that seem too good to be true.

Ox – The Ox is coming off of a year filled with professional and personal successes, and those are likely to continue in 2014. Their hard work at both business and personal relationships has paid off, and Oxen will enjoy a feeling of stability this year as a result. Be patient with finances this year; smart long-term investments will pay off when the time is right. At present, Oxen should concentrate on further building their savings. This is also a good year for Oxen to schedule health check-ups.

Tiger – Tigers and Horses are not compatible, so the Year of the Horse will pose challenges for Tigers. They are likely to be moody when professional challenges arise, and impatient with loved ones who try to help. Romantically, Tigers will be a bit reckless this year, breaking hearts and burning bridges along the way. In their finances, Tigers should fight the urge to be big spenders this year, as they will be better served by saving for a rainy day that may arise in the second half of the year.

Cat – The Cats who best harness their natural communications skills this year are poised to make great advances in their careers, especially those working in helping professions. A seductive new relationship may be in the Cat’s midst also, but he should be wary of being taken advantage of. Financial stress may get the best of the Cat this year, and it will be important to exercise in order to decrease the negative health effects this stress may cause.

Dragon – Dragons have enjoyed two years of positive energy and good luck, so professional setbacks in the first half of 2014 may be a shot to the Dragon’s confidence. However, a passionate love affair with a Rooster or a Snake awaits those Dragons who can overcome their need for perfectionism in themselves and others this year. The Dragon’s charitable side will rule in financial decisions in 2014, and this charity will be handsomely rewarded.

Snake – This promises to be a year of reinvention for Snakes, many of whom will take detours from established careers in favor of pursuing long-held dreams. As Snakes have a penchant for smart investments, they will have the financial stability to do so without much economic risk. On the other hand, self-doubt will continue to plague Snakes in romantic relationships this year, and only those who follow their hearts above their heads will find happiness.

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