2017 Sagittarius Horoscope

2017-02-06 at 11:38 PM

Sagittarius 2017

During the first part of the year, Mars will cause various discomforts to the Sagittarius, who will suffer the consequences of their passage through House One in the form of tension, stress, irritability and also some health complications, such as infections. Thanks to the entrance of Jupiter in your House Eight in the month of July, is that you can start to notice improvements in all aspects of your life, but it will be a gradual process, which will fill you with impatience many times.

It will be from the month of July that the archers will begin to undergo radical changes in their life, which will allow you to reverse a situation completely, or to say goodbye to certain ties forever.

One of the great lessons of this year will be learning to walk through a duel, something that can not continue to go unnoticed. Until now you were driving like nothing ever happened when you had to face a loss, but now life will give you a hard test. Your image before others will stop being the important thing to give way to the true heartbreaking feelings that will hit you.

It will be a year of “all or nothing” in love. Those who are single, will finally stop flirting and will lay solid foundations in what has to do with forming a stable, faithful and stable couple and, most importantly, with a view to forming a true family.

However, the married will have a resolution somewhat different from what they expected. Until this moment, the couple situation was tight and tense, but both continued to maintain, either for the children or the hope that in the future things would change. 2017 will be a hinge year in this respect, as there will be only two possible paths for the centaurs.

The first is a substantial change in the link; There will no longer be dominated or dominant, victims or perpetrators, but will be a relationship of equal to equal, based on the pleasure that the mutual company will generate.

The second option will be a final farewell. While it can be painful, it will, in the long run, be the best option.

Decide will depend on you, since you will have, at the moment the couple makes their final resolution, the power to be the one who gives the last word.

The infections, and the diseases related to them, will be the ones that harass you in terms of health during this year. You will have no choice but to listen to the doctor, otherwise your convalescence could become an eternal wait.

Family and Friends
During the first stage of the year, the family will be the protagonist, since you will have so many job demands that you will need to rely on the help of family members to carry out the upbringing of your children and the care of the home. The friends’ turn will come in July, when the tensions caused by stress begin to give way and you can enjoy the encounters with whom you want.

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