Aquarius Horoscope 2017

2017-02-06 at 11:50 PM

Aquarius 2017
This will be a year in which the Aquarian humanitarianism will be particularly present, leading it to take as its own causes that are not, but everything will be in the name of justice, a value that will tend to reinforce during 2017. They should be careful to defend The defenseless, or those who seem to be, do not turn into playing with fire, since they may end up involved in problems that make them lose the ground they had conquered in the social and professional field. On the other hand, they will feel inclined to seek their own personal progress, but this can take them away from reality and their true possibilities. It is no use pursuing chimeras, since they do not exist and doing so will only lead them to waste time.

Love will be quite unstable until the middle of the year. There will be many encounters and disagreements, causing you to generate much instability in those who love you and aspire to spend a life with you. You will have doubts of your own feelings and as never before in your life you will ask about whether it is love or pleasure what you feel and, even more devastating for your partner, what you are looking for in the other. Just for the month of July and thanks to Leo being visited by Jupiter, is that you will find the consolidation that is missing so much. If you were walking through a single stage, you will establish a stable relationship, whereas if you already had one, then the love will be reassured by the hand of the passion that will be revived.

Work and the Economy
The professional field will bring you great satisfaction this year, both in terms of emotional as well as economic. However, you should not feel too sure about money, because when you go out in peace, you become a dangerous person managing your economy. Therefore, the best recommendation you can receive is the one we will give you below: save. We know that it is very difficult for you not to spend all the money you have, but if you do not, this year you will have a year end with so little cash that you will end up having to ask your family to lend you, or worse, having Than to ask for a loan.

Friendship and Family
You will have an intense social life, thanks to which you can meet new people. Friendships will be very important during the first half of the year. Do not try to separate your partner from your life next to your friends, since both parties may feel offended, thinking that you do not present them or do not mix them because they are not worthy to be next to whom you love.

You will be in good health in general, as your defenses will be strengthened this coming year. However, you will have to take care of not eating fats or sugars in excess, because with this you will only weaken your digestive system and throw a few kilos on you that later you will be very difficult to take.

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