Capricorn Horoscope 2017

2017-02-06 at 11:45 PM

Capricorn 2017

Begin the 2017 with all the opportunities for Capricorn to strengthen their bond of marriage, for both married and single. At work, progress will be slow, but it will not stop until you position yourself on the site that you set as your goal. In order for money to come back to you, you should not forget to assert your time and your abilities.

Capricorns who are married will realize that they have been by someone without whom today they would not be what they are. This will bring them closer to marriage and end the year as an indestructible couple. The children will be a point of union, since although they will face you wielding their claims in the air, your partner will support you and between both will form a solid wall that will repel aggressions, especially adolescents, and make them understand All that you have given them.

Those Capricorn who find themselves without a partner, will be able to consolidate a beautiful relationship from June. Before this month there will only be romances that, to function and take root, will have to wait until the second part of the year.

Work and Money
You will have more responsibilities thanks to having demonstrated that you can with everything and that you know exactly what the needs of the company are. However, you will have to struggle a bit more to realize that you also have financial needs and that your time is not free. There will be clashes with your superiors, but nothing that can not be solved with the arguments and the results in figures that you will present to appreciate the growth of the company since you handle the hard work.

Friends and Family
Until the second half of the year, friends will be so relegated on your part that many will wonder if you really are on the face of the Earth. Without neglecting your work and family commitments, do not let friendships resent, especially those that are lifelong. If you do not react in time, you’ll only get it when you want to reconnect, either too late.

In the family there will be reunions with people who have long been left with a response to their request for forgiveness. This year is conducive to leave grudges aside and forgive those offenses that, in reality, were not such. It will also be the ideal time to get back together as a family and as a couple. Neglected, they will know how to handle themselves without stressing you about possible fights. Things have already evolved, people matured and can now be found from an adult perspective and mature.

The health problems of this year will correspond to the tension that will be generated by labor situations. Get ready for a tough year in this respect, since until September you will feel irritable, annoying and moody. Do not discard any alternative therapy of Reiki or Yoga, as these situations can have an impact on your blood pressure and your digestive system.

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