Leo 2017 Horoscope

2017-02-06 at 11:17 PM

Leo 2017
This year 2017 will be marked by a spiritual turn that Leo will begin to experience. So far everything related to group activities had a very superficial, since they occurred for pure pleasure and when Leo had time and desire for them. However, from this year Leo’s consciousness will turn to a place where he will understand that they are part of a whole and therefore, can not decide for themselves, ignoring the needs of others.

There will be opportunities for lions to conquer how many hearts cross their path. But the question that those who approach them should be very careful is: will you want to treasure one of them within your own heart? The answer becomes difficult and each Leo must respond individually.

This sign is conquered through his stomach … and his low instincts as well. So whoever wants to win them, will have to appeal to both senses and, if they emphasize especially the last, they may be lucky.

Sexuality will be better than ever for those in stable partners. Even sex will be the aspect that leads you as a couple to achieve a very spiritual union.

Work and Money
In the workplace Leo must learn to work as a team, since it will depend on it to maintain a healthy bond with their peers and their superiors. It is very likely that you should step down as a leader and be one of the group. Only if you manage to put on the company’s shirt will you achieve your goals in this regard.

The news of the year is that you will have fewer responsibilities at work, which will allow you to consolidate your relationships, both sentimental and friendship and family.

The money will come easily thanks to new businesses that close in a surprise. However, the recommendation for this year is to save it, since a succession of foolish expenses can make all this economic flow end in the process of extinction.

Casa Siete de Leo will be very clean this year, so you will not have to worry about anything other than accidents at home. If you are wary of faulty appliances and possible slips in unsafe places, then the year will be brilliantly over.

Sociability and Family
Saturn in your House Eight will make you a person with more sense of responsibility towards your bonds of friendship and family. There will be reunions with people who have not seen for years and, despite the fact that both parties will have a better time than ever, the link will blur, leaving the Leo with bitter remorse for the loss that is renewed.

The family will claim your company, and will do it with all property, since they will see that you have more time to give them your attention. If you do not have children yet, the most in-kind relatives will begin, a bit of a joke, a little bit seriously, to press on the matter. Again, the decision will depend on you.

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