Pisces Horoscope 2017

2017-02-06 at 11:52 PM

Pisces 2017
Your home, which will be your temple until the middle of the year that begins, and the place that will give you the greatest opportunities for personal growth, should be abandoned because of a move or a major remodeling. While this situation will jeopardize the balance with which you had started the year, it will also present you an unequaled lesson of mature detachment from material things. For some time you have been disconnected from your spiritual part, which has brought you problems of all kinds. For this is the year to reconnect again with that important part of your being.

Single Fishes will sweep away the opposite sex with their innocent charm and their laughing and carefree way of being. Those comments that generate a somewhat maleic giggle at times, will now be a reason for falling in love with the opposite sex.

You will enjoy a refined but very good sex with the conquests that are falling at your feet. In August it will be your culmination point in seduction, being this the moment in which you will finally make a mature decision and you will be left, among all the aspirants to conquer your heart, with the best party.

Instead, life will not smile so much to Pisces that they are married or live as a couple. This will have its root in the fact that your partner is beginning to worry about your irresponsibility. There will be demands for income and the way you deal with work and domestic obligations. It is only from August that they will reach an agreement that allows them to live having the plans always in mind, which implies the project of extending the family through the arrival of a baby.

Work and Money
This year is very economical, so you will not need to skimp on expenses. If you had to make spare parts in your house, this is the year to carry them out, since money will not be a problem.

In the workplace, certain frictions with your colleagues will lead you to be considered persona non grata, which will have its origin in the extra responsibilities that will be assigned to you, with which you can not meet satisfactorily.

Excessive work-related stress and couple problems will make your digestive system play tricks on you. Take care of your meals and visit the doctor to recommend a diet that prevents major diseases.

Family and Friends
Family and work will be too busy for you to see with your friends during the first part of the year, just as you were doing. This situation will raise a few complaints from your friends. But you should not grieve, since from June the other areas will be directed so that you can dedicate the usual time to your friends.

You must take care that the thin line between wanting to take care of you and meddle in your life, is not passed by your family.

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