Taurus Horoscope 2017

2017-02-06 at 11:04 PM

Taurus 2017
This will be a year that will require double attention to the things that surround you and the opportunities that are presented to you, since what appears to be a difficulty, a stone in the way, will be an opportunity for growth. This will happen with the couple relationship, an area in which you will have a bad time during the first six months of the year, as there will be more discussions than Venus harmony considers appropriate. However, this will not fail to be an opportunity to transform a crisis into an instance of maturation and consolidation of love.

In turn, the work will also bring you a similar surprise, since you will feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities and, at least for the moment, this will not be reflected economically. However, the opportunity for growth will not be long after mid-year, at which point your effort will be rewarded with a position you have been waiting for a long time.

Who will lead the love during this year will definitely be the sex. Thanks to sexual encounters, loaded with eroticism and the discovery of feelings that your own taboos prevented you from experiencing, is that the crisis that, imminently you must live, your partner will survive. We can even assure you that you will benefit from all this apparent adversity. After each heated discussion, there will be a passionate encounter that, one after another, will grow into erotic voltage. Singles will have their chance to find their soul mate during the second half of the year. The first six months will be dedicated to friends and social commitments.

Work and Money
You will feel over-demanded in the work aspect. Your days will start very early and will end too late. In addition to distancing yourself from your family and friends, this situation will generate a lot of stress and, added to the fact that you will not be rewarded financially, at least in the beginning, you will be very annoying. But do not despair, by the end of the year, all the hard tests you have had to spend, will increase in an increase in income of money, so you will thank your temper of steel, which you have endured without renouncing.

The disorders you suffer during the first six months of the year will be due to the effects of stress. So you can expect headaches, digestive discomfort and joint pains. The best remedy is that you proceed to manifest your anger the way you feel it, that is, if you need to shout, do it. From September, Mercury will transit through your House Six, so you will be prone to nervous disorders.

Family and Friends
It will be a year of cleanliness when it comes to friendship bonds. The first part of the year will be devoted to reflection, while from July you will materialize your thoughts, acquiring a definite distance from those people who have long called themselves “friends”, but do not demonstrate it in practice.

The family will be your ground wire during this year in all instances where you feel annoyed and overwhelmed.

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