Virgo Horoscope 2017

2017-02-06 at 11:29 PM

Virgo 2017
Certain ups and downs will cloud your year, but keep in mind that, even if the stars play hide-and-seek with you, you will always have the chance to say enough and begin to lead your own life. Do not let the planets turn you into a toy of fate. It is you who make the decisions that make you the person you always wanted to be, but that your emotional obstacles have prevented you for so many years.

Jupiter and Saturn will give you great job opportunities, but they will demand that you sell your soul in return, which translates into taking time away from family and affection. For your fortune, you will dedicate everything to work, creating a favorable ground for the possibilities of promotion and increase of salary, but you will have everything in your favor to realize the moment in which you must put a limit and dedicate to your family, saying that Not the excessive demands of the workplace.

If you are single, you will have few opportunities to stop being, but the positive thing is that they will be very strong possibilities. Specifically, it will be the seduction that you deploy during the month of January which allows you to captivate a heart compatible with yours. During the rest of the year your magnetism decays, but if you meet someone you’ve met during that month, the shocking memory of you may re-emerge and you receive an impossible proposal to reject.

If you were about to get married, plans will be postponed due to doubts from both parties, are they really the one for the other? That is something that you must answer after much reflection on the subject. It will not be easy, but the decision you make will be the best for your future.

The Virgo who are in stable pair will see deteriorate the harmony with which they will live their love during January. Until June there will be serious disagreements, mainly due to the work so demanding in which you have submerged and, apparently, you have no intention of leaving. After the first semester, you will understand what is important.

The money
Your excellent financial behavior has put you in a privileged position in terms of money, so you can make the expenses you need and that were being delayed. If you have to change appliances, the car or even make a trip, this is the year for it.

Saturn enters Gemini in April, month in which you would have to start paying attention to your blood pressure, muscular tensions and to correct your body posture, which is bringing you discomfort that you could avoid. Why not break the routine and take some ballet or dance classes? It may sound very extravagant or superfluous for your way of seeing the world, but remember, this is the year in which you can make decisions that you have been forbidding until now.

Family and Friends
A tough test awaits you because of the dilemma of letting yourself be driven by your impulse to withdraw, or to meet the demands of presence that your loved ones will make you. Are you ready to try a change and begin to be the center of attention? Life has a few surprises in 2017.

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