Year of the Horse Vietnamese Horoscope

2017-02-06 at 1:56 PM

In the Vietnamese horoscope. the horse is the seventh zodiac sign. The horse is usually the life of any party he or she attends. They are animated, extroverted and exciting. Horses have fun with strangers and friends, alike. Bursting with uncontainable energy. A horse is always on the prowl for something enjoyable. People born on the years 1906, 1018, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, and 2002 are those symbolized by the Vietnamese zodiac horse.

Year of the Horse Vietnamese Horoscope

Year of the Horse Vietnamese Horoscope

Horse Shoe Mark

Most people born in the Vietnamese year of the Horse have one recognizable characteristic — a free spirit. Horse people are quick witted and impulsive. They use their intelligence with pragmatism to succeed in life and in business. A horse tends to get swept away in the excitement of a new idea and acts on drive. This impulsiveness is sometimes to the detriment of the horse; in their rush to do multiple ideas at a time they leave a lot of things half baked and unfinished.

Walking Contradiction

A horse person is a walking contradiction. They are sweet but can be too proud at times; modest and shy on approaching love, but arrogant once settled; conceited but humble; tolerant yet envious. Horses want love and crave for intimacy but hate commitment because they have the tendency to feel caged.

Horses are open-minded, friendly and trust worthy. They make good friends and even better confidantes. You can expect that horses are always honest and true as friends; but you should also be aware that horses love their independence and must have an alone time.

People born in the Vietnamese year of the horse know their negative side; they struggle with self centeredness and obstinacy. This attitude problem sometimes leads to temper tantrums; after the episode, however, the horse feels sorry for his outburst immediately after. Unfortunately, the reaction can be so severe that even though they apologize, some people just can’t let things go.

An Elemental Matter

Every year sponsored by a horse corresponds to a certain element. The year 1930 and 1990 is a Metal Horse Year. Metal horses love to travel.  Liberation, freedom and being self-sufficient are the greatest treasures.

The Water Horse are those born during 1942 and 2002. Water Horses are masters at adapting. They play the cards they are dealt with and make them win. They have an uncanny ability to make people smile and happy when they’re sad.

A symbol of stability and strength, a water horse (1954 and 2014) is constant and goal oriented. They stick to their guns and are much disciplined. They are successful because they organize and stick to the plan; but just like wood, this elemental horse can be proud and unswerving.

The wildest, most animated and sociable is the Fire Horse (1906- 1966). A fire horse may have incredibly good fortune or such awful bad luck. They love action and excitement; this can sometimes be bad for their health and relationships.

Insightful, easy going and clear-headed are the qualities the earth horses possess. They are born in the years 1918 and 1978. Earth horses are hard workers but have such a great sense of humor and can see the lighter side of life.

The Horse As A Lover

If you want romance and excitement, then a person born on the Vietnamese year of the horse is a good choice. Nevertheless, be forewarned, horses do not like to be tied down. They are born roamers. If you are willing to have fun though and experience the exhilaration of excitement, then the horse will give you just that.

Zodiac Compatibility

Marriage with a mature horse works; but just like everything it takes work to achieve balance. According to the Vietnamese horoscope, horses have so much energy that they long to be free, so it is important to find a person who could rein his wild side in and complement him, as well.

A horse and a rat should avoid each other because although they attract each other they can bring the worst out. A horse and an Ox pairing make for great friends and business partners, but is romantically empty.

A dragon and a horse, now that’s a wonderful match! It will definitely be a sexually charged atmosphere. A tiger and a horse will complete each other, as with the cat and the horse. The most in tune with a horse in terms of love is either a Vietnamese zodiac dog or the goat. Their homeliness and quiet courage could definitely tame a stag.

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