Year of the Rat Vietnamese Horoscope

2017-02-06 at 1:16 PM

Protector or harbinger of pestilence, the rat is such a fascinating Vietnamese zodiac animal. Regarded in both the negative and positive light, the Vietnamese year of rat may bring luck. Unfortunately, a year sponsored by a rat could spell disaster. The Rat is the first sign of the Vietnamese horoscope, and quite appropriately so because people born in the year of the rat are born leaders.

Year of the Rat Vietnamese horoscope

Year of the Rat Vietnamese horoscope

A Beautiful Mess

Gifted with an extremely good memory rats make dedicated friends; treating friends with great consideration, generosity and giving them extra protection. Their sharp demeanor and appeal makes people gravitate towards a rat. However, they can be choosy with their friends and keep a few but close-knit groups. Rats can be the most difficult of enemies because they always remember the injustice by which they have been treated.

There are times when a rat’s sharp tongue and quick wittedness get ahead of their better judgment and they end up being absolutely tactless. Deep inside a rat lurks a deep faculty of entitlement because they know that they have the skills and abilities to be better, which is why they have selfish and deceptive tendencies.

A Rat’s Food

In their worst days rats can be so stubborn and adamant at having their way. They can be terribly power hungry, malicious and staggeringly Machiavellian. Celebrated for their spunk and determination, rats make for a formidable adversary. Rats do not tolerate defeat; they crave power and domination.

People around the rat couldn’t help but feel both awed and agitated at the rat’s unabashed, audacious and sheer ruthlessness in the pursuit of their ambition. Literally, there is not a thing that a rat wouldn’t say, do, think and feel to attain their ambitions and goals.

In the Vietnamese horoscope, rats are masters of their emotion. They never betray what’s inside. To be an effective manipulator, one must always be in control — and that is something a rat has mastered. Despite the volatile tempers rats may seem cool as cucumber. Acting on impulse, coupled with an extremely aggressive behavior, rats can exact revenge on those who hinder them without second thought.  They can be so sadistic that they revel at the suffering of their enemies.

A Piece of Advice

Blessed with such enviable qualities, a rat must learn to sometimes relax, become less consumed with order, perfection and obedience to be able to use their advantages to the fullest of their extent. It is a rare thing, indeed, to see a rat person sitting around; they have a high energy level and the need to excel is in their blood.

It is imperative that rats learn to be considerate of others, and think of others above themselves to have a harmonious relationship. They should practice abstinence in terms of forcing their ideas onto other people. Hopefully, as a rat matures he or she can become a lot more patient and tolerant of others.

A rat is inherently fair, so they expect the same in return — which is probably why they can become great friends with monkeys, cows/oxen, and dragons. Romantically, a rat person is more compatible with Sheep, Pig or Rabbit. People born in the years 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020 are those who belong under the Vietnamese zodiac Rat Sign.

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