Year of the Rooster Vietnamese Horoscope

2017-02-06 at 1:43 PM

In the Vietnamese horoscope, roosters are feisty and tenacious. The Vietnamese zodiac rooster has a very flamboyant personality. A rooster struts his stuff and is quite proud of who he is. Evidently confident, the rooster is a hardworking and trustworthy individual.


Year of the Rooster Vietnamese Horoscope

Year of the Rooster Vietnamese Horoscope

Strutting Qualities

Rooster people are observant and are very precise and accurate in their observations. The rooster loves being the center of attention. They have a genuine delight for entertaining and meeting new people. Making acquaintances is not difficult because a rooster is both approachable and welcoming.

A rooster person is always immaculate and tidy. They put great stock on their appearance because they want to attract and not to repel people. They love fashion, color, and accessories. Roosters also surround themselves with beautiful people and beautiful friends. They feel that those around them reflect who they are.

The funny thing about a Vietnamese zodiac rooster is that although they dress and act in a flashy manner deep down inside they are really very conservative creatures. People born in the Vietnamese year of the rooster always look well turned out, not a hair out of place. They love having tons of friends and like the attention that comes with being popular.

Some people condemn roosters because they draw too much attention with their clothing choice; but if given the chance a rooster can teach them a thing or two about compassion, wisdom and courage. Roosters are loyal to a fault. They hate mockery and dishonesty. They are up front, honest, blunt and expect the same consideration in return.

The Not So Good Side

When a rooster speaks he / she expects everyone to listen. Their independent and strong spirit make them hard-headed at times. They have the tendency to reject what people are saying because they are overly confident of their own abilities.

There are times when a rooster’s straightforwardness can irritate people and cause friction. A rooster must learn to time their honesty and thoughts better. They have to think of the repercussions before saying anything.

Although practical, sharp and resourceful, a rooster’s mind still has the tendency to wander about daydreaming. There are times when their daydreaming can cause discontent because reality is never as grand as an illusion.

Roosters and Relationships

A person who is friends with a rooster should never be sensitive. Can you imagine what will happen if the rooster befriends someone without a sense of humor? Their upfrontness is probably the reason why the rooster rarely has true friends. Still, in spite of his or her arrogance, a rooster’s friend knows that when in need a rooster will always rush to his aide. Roosters, Oxen and Snakes make great friends. A rooster’s mortal enemy is one born under the Vietnamese cat year.

Roosters make good parents; they nurture and care for their children. They demand respect but also give it in return.

If you want intelligent children, the Vietnamese year of the rooster is a good choice to pick when planning to have children. A baby born in the year of the rooster is bright, alert and creative. It is easy for them to make new friends and play with other children.

Being in Love and Falling in Love

In the Vietnamese horoscope, a rooster in love is a rooster who doesn’t crow. Surprisingly, roosters are very secretive when it comes to matters of the heart. As with all things in his or her life, a rooster is always direct with his or her feelings. There is no in-between, or just friends, it’s always a matter of whether they like you or they don’t.

Roosters can be irritatingly bossy, so they are not very easy to live with; but if you can get past that then you will discover that a rooster can be caring, passionate and romantic. Roosters are very critical; so as with friends, a rooster should not have a sensitive partner.

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