Aquarius Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-07 at 11:13 PM

Aquarius Features
Aquarius is a sign ruled by Uranus, is a sign of air and fixed nature. They are sociable persons and can establish stable ties with people of diverse social, ethnic, religious, etc. groups.

The natives of this sign are always interested in the common good. They are creative, quite detached from material things and constantly seeking freedom.

Aquarius is the sign of philanthropy par excellence. They have many aspirations generally related to the common good, very altruistic and very good friend.

In the realm of love, the Aquarian man does not like to feel harassed, he likes to communicate deeply with his partner but at the same time likes to keep his personal space. It is not an excessively passionate sign, for this reason it will look for in its mate besides a lover, a great friend.

Aquarius is a very rational sign and even your feelings are influenced by that rationality.

The woman who wants to conquer a man of Aquarius, must take into account that is a sign of air that gives much importance to the word.

He is seduced by diversity, the unusual, the surprising factor. The ability of a woman to dazzle him with his conversation. Appreciate someone who can stimulate you intellectually.

He is an extroverted and sociable person, always surrounded by people and not interested in scenes of jealousy or possessive or absorbing people. The best thing a woman can do to lose an Aquarian is to harass him.

To seduce him, you have to let him go. The woman who meets an Aquarian will learn many things at an intellectual level and will greatly expand her social circle.

In the sexual plane, the man of Aquarius enjoys the variety. He does not plan but rather lets himself be surprised by the different circumstances of life.

The sentimental relationship with a man of this sign will be varied, without falling into the routine, since it is a sign that needs to vary. Change your profile, dress in different ways and change the look continuously.

For his part, the man who wants to conquer an aquarium woman has to be aware that she will need their space and their times. It needs freedom and the best way to seduce it is through the mind.

The Aquarian woman longs for a lot of dialogue and communication in her relationship. She will always be rebellious and transgressive. Although it seems to be very open to new ideas, it is a very obsessed and stubborn sign. It surprises the interlocutors with phrases occurring, It is better not to argue with the woman of this sign because it will not change their point of view.

Very ingenious, jealousy does not go to this woman, seeks a friend in the couple, in addition to passion and love. The relationship should not fall into the routine, the man who wants to conquer it should be able to surprise her. She is going to defend her individuality to death

Defects of the people of Aquarius: Rebellion, eccentricity, have very difficult reactions to predict that end up disconcerting others.

Physical characteristics: very hands and feet, very flirtatious men, silky hair and long. Pale skin. Freckles. Women for their hips and men wide men. Flexible.


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