Aries Zodiac Characteristic

2017-02-07 at 7:20 PM

Features of Aries
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the men and women of this sign usually have the following characteristics: they are transparent and frontal, they do not like to keep anything, they express with total clarity what they think and what they feel. They have a very temperament and it is very easy for the people around them to know the mood of the Aryan.

It is a sign of fire, which implies decision, much energy and impulsivity. Aries people often act without thinking.

In the field of love, the man of Aries falls in love quickly and when he does it is of ardent nature. Affectionate and affectionate, he likes to woo the woman he loves.

They give themselves fully to the woman they are in love with and because they are so ardent, they need their partner to be a little more moderate than them to help them balance the excessive energy of the Aryan.

In the sexual realm they are very fiery and any external stimulus can ignite it. Her nature is more sexual than sensual, she enjoys and knows how to enjoy her partner. Many times he gets carried away by his fire because he can not control his instincts.

The man of Aries will look for a sweet and affectionate woman to help him to enhance his masculinity.

For her part, the woman of Aries in the sentimental field is usually very competitive and jealous. The woman of this sign does not like to occupy a second place in any area, much less in the couple, believes in the equality of conditions between men and women and loves their independence.

She is proud and usually has a strong character. It is a great tendency to dominate those around her, especially her partner. She is a very sexual woman, she likes entrepreneurial men who have the capacity to surprise her.

The man who tries to seduce an Aries woman must be smart and unpredictable to keep her from getting bored, which happens very often, because she is a woman who needs constant changes and movements. The couple needs stimuli permanently, if the Ariana woman is bored loses interest and will end their relationship.

On a sexual level he likes innovations, where wit and improvisation occupy an important place. The sexual need is very high and you will need a man who can satisfy you in that area. He does not like mellow and overly romantic men.

Among the defects of the people of this sign, can be mentioned: aggressive, frontal and direct without measuring the consequences of his words. They are quarrelsome and competitive and can generate frictions in their relationships if they do not positively channel that aggressiveness. You have energy but you lack perseverance.

Physical characteristics: well defined features and sometimes somewhat coarse, large bones and moles on the face. The nose is usually prominent, sensual lips and sensitive skin.

The weak part of Aries is usually the head, are prone to suffer accidents in that area and to suffer migraines.


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