Cancer Zodiac Characteristics

2017-02-07 at 8:29 PM

Cancer is a water sign of emotional nature, ruled by the moon. The moon is related to the unconscious and therefore the natives of this sign usually possess a strong emotional memory.

In the field of love, the man of Cancer is usually sensitive and very overprotective with his partner. She is romantic and idealistic and will always seek a relationship that gives her affective security.

Cancer men love family bonds. They enjoy the family and usually will want to have many children and form a large family.

They are not men who find it difficult to express their feelings. They have the capacity to show their emotions, they are sweet and tender with the woman who is at their side.

The disadvantage of the man of this sign is that he can have frequent mood swings, for this reason he will need a calm woman who has patience.

They will fall in love with domestic women who know how to share and enjoy intimate moments, not only in the sexual plane, but in any romantic situation. He will find a sensitive woman, preferably who knows how to connect with nature and with music.

The man of Cancer has a weakness for gastronomy, he will be seduced by a woman who knows how to cook well and who has a strong maternal instinct, expressive eyes and uses soft colors. She will also want women to be able to build strong relationships with their own family.

Look for a person who respects their times but at the same time is committed to the relationship, where the emotions will be very pronounced. Sexuality will be given in a harmonious way, with great manifestations of affection.

For his part, the woman of Cancer is a woman ruled by the moon and therefore is a woman extremely romantic. He usually has great affective and protective needs. He will always try to seek stable relationships and deep bonds. The man who wants to approach her has to gather the necessary attributes to be able to provide that security.

The Cancer woman may be a bit cyclotymic so she will need a partner that is her ground wire. Very attached to your origins and family and you will want your partner respect those links.

He will surrender to a loving, affectionate and sensitive man. It is usually very fertile and its dream is to form a large family. It is a woman with a particular temperament, when she needs space she will demand it and her partner must give it to her.

She will be conquered by a man she can trust and take seriously and present the future of the relationship.

Romanticism is an infallible weapon when it comes to seducing a Cancerian. You will be dazzled by the romantic dinners by candlelight.

If you feel hurt you have to prepare for their silences, it is difficult to regain confidence when you lose.

The Cancer woman is usually a very sensitive partner, and a great sexuality. Very good mother and excellent housewife. With a great capacity to take care of your children and your family.

Cancer Defects: Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and they tend to victimize themselves to manipulate through guilt and profit from that situation. Cyclothymic and emotionally unstable.

Physical characteristics: circular eyes, pronounced jaw and oval face. Big chest. Men are usually quite well-formed.


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