Capricorn Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-07 at 11:08 PM

Features of Capricorn
This sign is ruled by Saturn, a planet that relates to responsibility, caution, foresight, the pursuit of security.

Ambitious and very persevering to achieve his purposes. Generally the first half of life is somewhat shy and the second half of life is gaining in confidence.

In the realm of love, men and women of this sign live love in a more intellectual than emotional way. They are very conventional. They have deep and stable feelings and often fall in love with people in a good social and economic position. They do not usually express their feelings until they are sure that the other party deserves them.

They are so demanding that they prefer to stay alone before starting a relationship with someone who does not meet their expectations. Generally they fall in love and marry bigger and bigger people. The largest number of singles is in the sign of Capricorn.

The man of Capricorn measures the risk, the woman who wants to conquer it should never lie to him, on the contrary, must show that he is a reliable person. If you can convince him, you can pass that ice cap characteristic of the Capricorns.

He is seduced by a safe woman, who manages his finances well. If he observes that the woman he is leaving with debts and his cards are in the clouds, he probably fled in amazement.

Sometimes they are misinterpreted. If a woman likes to try to impress her, although shyness may make them look awkward when in truth what they want is to be kind.

Sexually you will strive to satisfy the woman because it is a competitive situation for him. A Capricorn likes to win and always likes to win.

It will drive you crazy a woman who is difficult, who will resist her seduction. If he has to fight for her, he values ​​her much more

It is a reserved and little demonstrative sign. Feel more than you show. She likes demonstrations of affection and a woman who gives them security.

The Capricorn man takes seriously all areas of life and especially the love. If they start a relationship, for them it is a serious relationship with a view to a future together.

Very demanding on an emotional level, you study your partner a lot and it will take all the time in the world to make a decision.

For her part, the woman of Capricorn is practical, both in its purposes and in its ambitions. He is persistent and persevering and achieves what he wants thanks to his spirit of sacrifice.

She is a woman with a hidden romantic nature, is much more sensitive than people believe but takes her time to evaluate the approaching man. Their times are longer than other women.

Looking for long-term relationships. When it opens, it tends to be passionate. Sexually very intense after passing that stage of an exhaustive evaluation. Faithful in nature, it is often a great thing for your partner. Although at first cold and distant, when he falls in love becomes passionate and intense.

Defects of people of this sign: they are serious, sad, pessimistic, boring and routine. They have a hard time being spontaneous.

Physical characteristics of the people of Capricorn: very strong, massive and muscular, with a tendency to be overweight. Fine hair and deep voice, small eyes and warm look. Big head.


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