Gemini – Characteristics Zodiac Sign

2017-02-07 at 8:26 PM


Features of Gemini
Gemini is a sign of air ruled by Mercury. The natives of this sign are extremely communicative, gesticulate when they speak and can cover several subjects at one time.

The men and women of Gemini are curious and restless, they like to be well informed and know what is going on around them. They are very sociable and need their life to be agile and in constant movement. They have a great capacity to adapt to different situations.

Gemini is multifaceted, often knowing much of everything. They are tolerant of those around them but will avoid all that they can to overly emotional people.

In the realm of love, the man from Gemini is quite difficult to conquer. The woman who wants to seduce him should be able to enter into a witty and fun conversation and talk about various topics.

The Gemini is conquered through the word. He likes to talk and wants to have a woman next to him who can talk for hours. As a good sign of air, communication plays a preponderant role at the time of falling in love.

Generally, the man of Gemini is a cultured man and will be dazzled before a woman who has a high cultural level and who possesses solid knowledge. In addition to talking, it is important that the woman also knows how to listen and pay attention to what the Gemini says.

You need an active, non-absorbent woman who gives you the freedom to explore and research all the topics and activities you want. You will like your partner to accompany you to travel and activities that he does.

The relationship will never be routine and the women who accompany this man should become accustomed to an active social life. Those who want to conquer it should refrain from arming scenes of jealousy or scandal because the man of this sign hates that kind of thing.

For their part, Gemini women are often restless and chatty. You will be attracted to men who can keep up with your conversation.

The Geminians are extremely intelligent, with a need to know many areas without going into any depths. He will like the man who wants to conquer it to be curious, but they will not tolerate obsessive or overzealous men.

Gemini does not like routine, much less on the plane of love. Women of this sign like to improvise and not plan things. In the sexual field, everything new will be interesting. They do not like very structured men in the sexual sphere, nor do men very affectionate and affectionate.

She is a mentally fast woman, with a strong need for change. The man who is by his side must be present in his daily life, but not overwhelm or jealous.

Defects of the people of Gemini: they usually have a double personality, they tend to say one thing and to do another, they speak by the backs, they can become false and liars. They have low concentration and disperse easily.

Physical characteristics of Gemini: thin complexion and height above average, beautiful features and mischievous look. Angelic and youthful appearance, her pale complexion is usually pale.


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