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2017-02-07 at 5:11 PM

How to Conquer Cancer Sign
For men and women of the sign of Cancer there is a clear priority above all and that is their home, their patrimony, their family. Cancer does not walk half-heartedly and is clear about what they want for their future. So whoever pretends to approach them with a better romantic interest does so with a clear warning: they do not like to waste time on inconsistent relationships. They want love to have meaning and a future. Are you ready for such a challenge?

How do men and women fall in love like this?

How to seduce the Cancer man. To achieve a loving success with the Cancer man, it is better to forget the very idea of ​​seduction, and to have love (with all its romantic sense) in mind. And is that the Cancer are the men who like the most romanticism in the horoscope.

They like the gradual approaches, the small details that they discover to someone, the subtleties in the treatment that reveal to us that someone tries to let us know that their heart is open and willing. If you want a Cancer to notice you, you have to demonstrate your interest in an indirect way: with a certain tone of voice, with interest, with warm text messages, with significant friction …

The hard part is that he wants to take the initiative. She does not know how to handle a woman’s feelings in a forceful way, and most likely if she moves away if that happens. So you have to open the door, and then let it come by itself.

Of course, you should not leave the whole task to him, and every time you see that it is misleading, you must call your attention again with those little touches that are the mark of the feminine.

How the woman falls in love with Cancer. For a woman of this sign to love you you have to go back to the century before, and be a gentleman … in all the expression of the word. Native women of the amphibian sign are very conservative, and this gives you some advantages: you know in advance how you should behave with it … and how you should not do it.

The Cancer woman hopes that the man who is courting her will have full mastery of romanticism to the brim. You should not hide your sentimental intentions with her, but you must know how to manifest them with grace and posture, with well-studied words, with a certain restraint that does not hide what you feel and at the same time make them more sublime.

Flowers, cards, letters, poems, invitations … Nothing that the manual mark is forbidden to win the heart of a Cancer, and nothing will ever be too cheesy for your romantic heart. Do not cut yourself off or refrain.

Of course: you better know that when you win your love, it will be for a lifetime. For Cancer there is no turning back once you have chosen who you want to share your life with.

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