Leo Zodiac Characteristics

2017-02-07 at 8:32 PM

Leo Features
Leo is a sign of fire ruled by the sun, naturally they are sociable and extroverted people. They enjoy to relate to many people and to have many friends. They like to draw attention, they are charismatic and proud.

It is usually believed that Leo people are superb, but in reality they are not. What happens is that, generally, Leo feels that he has nothing to hide and if he has something positive to teach others, he will do it without problems.

They are very generous with their intimate environment, couple or friends.

In the realm of love, Leo’s man is competitive and will look for a woman he can be proud of. You will want a sociable woman who enjoys the exits. Be smart and have good taste when wearing. He likes to flaunt his conquests and win a leading role on a social level.

The leonine is quite demanding when it comes to choosing a woman but when he gets involved he is usually very generous and very affectionate. He will defend his people, his family and especially his partner.

He needs a woman with the capacity to adapt to new situations. He is extroverted and will give much importance to social life.

In the sexual field, Leo is a sign of ardent nature that likes to be carried away by his impulses, likes to enjoy the moment without worrying about the future.

It is a sign of a fixed nature, convincing with his ideas, quite persevering for his goals and very obstinate in his way of thinking. They need at their side a woman who has the ability to make herself seen, to dress well and to highlight her physical beauty. He will always offer his best image and pretend that his wife does too.

The woman who conquers the Leo man will enjoy a relationship with a lot of passion and lots of affection.

On the other hand, the women of Leo are energetic, active and impulsive. They need to be the center of attention permanently, they do not like to go from being perceived. They are competitive and will look for a man who lives up to what they are.

Leo is ruled by the sun. The women of this sign stand out for their sensuality and charisma and you have a great ability to excel in social gatherings.

They are not people who take many turns, are direct and if they are interested in a man, they will let you know. Otherwise, they will be cold and distant. They are clear about their emotions. If they are indifferent, it is not appropriate to press or insist because it will not do anything.

When in a couple, Leo’s wife will require a life with many social events. The man who is next to a woman of this sign, must be very active both at work, since the leonine are ambitious, as on a sexual level.

The relationship has to be stimulating because if the leonine gets bored, the relationship will end. Action will always be necessary and not letting oneself be. The leonine woman will welcome the surprises and new situations in which she can stand out.

A man who wants to conquer a woman Leo must gather many attributes but in return you will get a woman who will accompany you in your goals.

Defects of Leo people: An ego too big, delusions of grandeur, extreme narcissism. A superior attitude, arrogant, that will generate conflicts to others.

Physical characteristics: wide and square front, wavy hair. Lively and communicative eyes. High cheekbones. Women often have wide hips.



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