Libra Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-07 at 9:06 PM

Features of Libra
Libra is a sign of air ruled by Venus. The men and women of this sign have an extroverted nature, are communicative and sociable. They constantly seek balance and are very attracted to intellectual challenges.

In the field of love, the man of Libra usually has much eloquence and uses it as a weapon of seduction. They are charming men to communicate and have a great command of language.

Generally, they are flirtatious and are very concerned about their physical image.

When they want to have a romantic relationship, they will look for a charming and refined woman. They are repelled by vulgarity and will never look upon an ordinary or vulgar woman.

They will be seduced by a woman who is careful with the details of her own image and can communicate fluently. Enjoy the extensive dialogues.

The man of Libra is the eternal romantic, in love with love. A woman who wants to have a long-term relationship with a Libran will have to constantly challenge her, so that the conquest will be repeated over time. It is the eternal seducer, and the woman who is by his side, must manage to surprise and maintain the charm. The relationship should not fall into the routine.

He will fall in love with a woman with strong character, a little unpredictable so he does not get bored and wants to win back all the time. It is one of the most unfaithful signs. Represent the eternal Don Juan, when he achieved the conquest he lost interest.

The woman who wants to seduce him must have strong personality and sweetness in the deal. When the woman manages to love him, he will have a harmonious and open relationship with social life.

In the sentimental realm, the woman of Libra is influenced by the planet of love. She is a very refined woman with an excessive sweetness and delicate voice. She has a very good taste to dress and uses her femininity as a weapon of seduction. You need to live the romance continuously and permanently.

She will fall at the feet of a man who can seduce her mentally, the word exerts a strong magnetism on her. He likes long conversations on all subjects.

Generally, she is attracted to sensible, romantic and delicate men, with a strong personality.

A Libra woman likes to seduce, even if she is in a couple. It does not imply that he is unfaithful, but he has a great need to please and to feel loved. It tends to harmonize the social environment in which it moves.

She is an idealistic, dreamy and romantic woman. Romanticism always has to be present. Although she is already in a couple, she likes to feel always seduced by the man next to her.

It is sensual in nature and gives much importance to environments where you can exercise your sexual intimacy. The man who tries to seduce her, must take care of the aesthetics and details of the place where they have intimate relationships.

The Libra woman enjoys a lot with affectionate caresses, hugs and demonstrations. He likes the harmony in the couple, does not like the discussions and will want to balance in their love relationship.

Defects of the people of Libra: vain and shallow in their relationships. They tend to be too superficial and shy away from commitment.

Physical characteristics: harmonious features, classic beauty but not very striking. They tend to get fat because of their passion for food.



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