Love Leo Horoscope

2017-02-07 at 5:06 PM

How to conquer the Leo sign
The women and men who are born under the sign of the lion are naturally impulsive, little patient and very little given to the whims of romanticism. To put it in a nutshell: they know what they want and take it. They go to love like a battle, and it is better to get out of the way while doing it. Their charm and physical make them irresistible: they are born seducers, who hunt before they are hunted.

How can we fall in love with such people?
How to conquer the man of Leo. How can we cope with someone who incarnates in seduction? How will you succeed in falling in love with a Don Juan? There are two elementary rules for hunting a lion. The first is that the leoninos are attracted by what they see. The second is that they can not resist what they have been forbidden …

So this is going to be a complex battle, and first of all I pass through your image. First you must look irresistible before your eyes. Get the best out of your charm! Date to wish. Be clear but subtle: approach, break your defenses, listen carefully, let yourself be enveloped by its charm … but always keep the exit door open.

And it is that nothing attracts a Leo as the sense that he is about to lose his opportunities with you. It is not about closing the door once you have shown interest, but telling him to enter through the window and after climbing with only one rope for support …

For the Leo, love is like a lion about to jump on its prey. The challenge is what binds them. Learn to keep a distance with him, and you will always follow him in your footsteps.

How the Leo woman falls in love. Leo’s wife is very aware that she is a woman and that you are a man. Here we are in the war of the sexes, and whoever believes that he can be imposed on a female lion is very wrong.

The first thing that a woman of Leo does when a man is interested is to impose a competition, and whoever wins wins his heart. It will be yours or your feelings will be saved: that is the bet. The competition is to see if you are worthy opponent, if you are his equal, if you truly deserve his love.

With Leo’s wife, we can assure you, the game of love is going to be a lot of fun, no matter what: it’s the type of woman who plays races on the stairs, who imposes on you diets, who expects you to prove your worth At work, you do not cut yourself by asking what you want in bed and see if you are able to satisfy your whims …

It is, of course, a difficult test, but if you expect your lioness to remain by your side all your life, you better get the idea that you have to beat him forever.

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