Love Libra Horoscope

2017-02-07 at 5:02 PM

How to conquer the Libra sign
The natives of the sign of the balance, men and women, do not like the chaos and the lack of control that means love. They are reluctant to let themselves be carried away by the passion that is unleashed with love. The Libras do not want to know of complications, because their vital search leads them to the total balance, the calm, the moderation. His goal in life is that, looking back, the road is a perfect straight line, without meanders or depths … and as we know, love is the angel that shakes us and knocks us down. How to love those who do not want to know anything about the complications of love?

How to conquer the man of Libra. For the native men of the sign of the balance, they are first of all restraint, and seldom let their emotions show in the light, so it will be very difficult for you to know if you have feelings for yourself, so you must take the first step. How? With confidence and aplomb. There is no need to cut yourself: it is necessary from the beginning to give you the certainty that you are a centered girl, with the most important aspects of life resolved. And then it must be what he expects you to be.

A Libra seeks a woman who is not only her equal but her complement. That is, not someone who likes the same things as him, but someone who is his perfect counterpart.

So yes he is silent, you speak for both; And if he is talkative, listen; Or if it is too timid, always takes the first steps. It is vital that you move in opposition to it, and that in approaching both embody in all spheres of life as complementary pieces, as perfect gears.

It will not be easy, but it is the kind of complex filters that a Libra imposes so that only people who fulfill the function of giving them the balance stay close to them. If you accept the challenge, if you try, you will be shown that you are willing to mold your life to find true love.

How to fall in love with the Libra woman. La Libriana is a woman who hopes that the man next to her does not do waves or show an uncontainable passion. For this girl, the stridencies make her go away. He prefers what is said in a low voice, which is confessed quietly in the light of the candles … With it you have to go slowly and step by step.

In order to conquer you, you have to let her let you approach her. Think of the terrain that separates you from it like a pond. Each impulsive paddle you give, will make the boat she is going to leave you. The only way you can reach it is naturally: by the impulse of the wind and the current.

What you must do so that she allows you this closeness is to let her see that in your life there are no strings or problems that can affect you. Be kind and firm in the deal, but do not show excessive interest. Of course, do not take your finger off the line, and let it be the one that takes the decisive step.

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