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2017-02-07 at 4:58 PM

How to conquer the Sagittarius sign
Sagittarius natives, men and women, are the ones who have a greater sensitivity about the future, which makes them cautious and careful about their choices. Therefore they come to love with a certain coldness and are not allowed to go to the realms of romance with ease. See the advantages and disadvantages of every situation before taking a step, and you will see and study your qualities and defects before deciding to go even with you. It is not going to be easy for you to approach this type of people, because (to put it simply) they will always be one step ahead of you.

How can you fall in love?
How to conquer Sagittarius man. With Sagittarius men you have to be firm and determined, for he will only notice you if you show him that you will have some value in his future, that there is something in you that will lead him to destiny awaits him.

The way to do it is to get carried away by the magic of unexpected encounters … Or creating them. Do not look for an appointment: It appears out of nowhere in the places you like to frequent. Its bar, the cinema that it likes, the exhibitions to which it goes … This means that before you must establish contact with people close to him (friends, acquaintances, family …) and collect the information you need to get in your way.

And it is that Sagittarius men like to live life and love in this way: erratically, with one foot in the today and the other in the morning, letting time show them their letters.

If you dare, and you fall in love with a Sagittarius, you will have begun to live the most magical love story you can imagine.

How the Sagittarius woman falls in love. To steal the heart of a woman from the sign of the balance we must go step by step, and with a well-defined plan. First of all, you must make it clear that you are someone who cares about tomorrow and who takes precautions about it. For Sagittarius women, the future is a great concern, an obsession that does not leave them in the sun and shadow. And they hope that the man who chooses to be by his side will not only respect this obsession, but will help them face tomorrow.

So, if you want her to look at you, you must be proactive, efficient, organized … and very, very foresighted. They are the qualities that, above a dazzling physique or an attractive face, the Sagittarius yearn for a man.

So that you never miss an appointment, do not forget a promise, do not miss a special date. Fulfill all your responsibilities, however small. Remember that you are facing a woman who lives with one foot in the morning. Not only is it affected by the certainties of the day to day: it also suffers from what is possible and what will come

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