Love Taurus Horoscope

2017-02-07 at 4:43 PM

How to conquer the Taurus sign
The native Taurus people are hardworking, gentle and tender, moved by duty to their affections, their homes, their families, their loves. If you fall in love with a bullfighter, it is best that you know it at once: you will have to share with the world, for the honorable bull will never leave aside his duties (real or invented) to all those around him. However, if you know how to love a woman or a Taurus man, you can be sure to enter into a long-lasting, lifelong relationship in which love and faithfulness will prevail.

How do men and women fall in love like this?
How to seduce the Taurus man. To approach the man born under the sign of Taurus you have to open up completely, undress your heart and show him the sincerity of your actions. For a taurine there is nothing more irresistible than a person who is coherent, who says what he does, who does not contradict thoughts and actions. The key to attracting a Taurus man is to show himself to him as he is, without falsehoods or exaggerations, but with a generous heart.

With the Taurus what counts is to create a routine, small shared rites, and let you find out that you have the same project of life as he: a serene and honored existence, where what counts will be shared work and happy fulfillment of duties. You have to show that you are a calm person and owner of your emotions, because for the Taurus is above all the work and stick to a code of honor. And that code is and will be the love you have between so.

How the Taurus woman falls in love.

Taurine is a lover of romance, but a very special one. For her they do not count letters and flowers, if not the facts. If you want to win your heart, you have to prove that you are who you say you are and that you are made of a substance that resists the hardships of life.

Do not come with hollow words, or want to put the bed of an occasional relationship in front of her. That will keep her away. The great advantage you have with the woman of this sign is that you can speak clearly with her clearly: there are no paths of misunderstanding or false seductions. The Taurus woman says things to the face, and you can be sure that you will find out if she has an interest in you. The frankness of his desire fills his days and his bed with a clear emotion, without veils or lies.

The best weapon of seduction with a taurine (the one that serves throughout life) is truth, transparency in acts and deeds. There is nothing that attracts this woman more than knowing next to someone who says what is, who does what he thinks, moves with attachment to honor and love.

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