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2017-02-07 at 4:53 PM

Love to Aquarius

How to Conquer the Aquarius Sign
The natives of the Aquarius sign have something in mind at all times: “How can I make a change?” They are eternal nonconformists, rebellious, make any summit the next step to the top to come. Ambitious, proactive, determined, given to the best causes and the common good. It is not possible to catch them in routines or comforts. What these men and women do is the way you walk. Live in the sun and exhaust to the last drop of life. Do not come with cages … Not even in the name of love.

How to conquer the man of Aquarius. For the man of this sign what counts is the social change, the struggles to liberate our true spirituality, the evolution to feel part of the Cosmos. It is not, therefore, a person to whom you can come with an invitation to a party or to the movies. If you fall in love with an Aquarius and you want it to notice you, you better get the idea that you’re going to have to get wet, go out and find your world … and grow spiritually.

To love a man of this sign is better to participate in their processes and searches. The best of all is that, necessarily, you will discover things of yourself that you did not know, and that is always good, and it makes us more mature.

So you never criticize your alternative activities, your joining to crazy causes, your social work … All the contrary: join what you do and do it with him. Share your dream of a better world … and that will necessarily make you the woman he needs at his side.

How to fall in love with the woman Aquarius. For the natives of this sign neither restrictions nor roles have been made. Whoever falls in love with a woman Aquarius must know that she is not in front of a conventional woman. Libertarians, feminists, women of flag belong to this sign. Before taking the first step, we must know that the native of the sign of the water-bearer will not give his arm to twist easily: we must prepare for a long siege.

Whoever seeks the love of the woman Aquarius must accept the new role of women in the new century. It has to be removed from the head that women belong to the home and to the care of the children. It will be necessary that you update your way of seeing life in general and that you are willing to be part of the life of a woman who knows part of the world … and wants to change it.

So you will have to talk with her about current issues and about spirituality, show that you are willing to lead a healthier and more disinterested life (maybe you should change your diet) and, above all, let your connection with life and World beyond yourself to be restored.

Be generous, be attentive, be yourself … It is very simple at heart, but you must be willing to face a radical and different life.

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