Pisces Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-07 at 11:21 PM


Characteristics of Pisces
Pisces is a sign ruled by Neptune, which is a planet that has to do with imagination, fantasy and dreaming. The Pisces are very emotional, it is a sign of water, Pisces generally love art and music and have a strong connection to their work.

Despite being introverted, Pisces men and women often have many friends. They have a natural joy that infects and a strong emotional depth.

In the sentimental realm, the man of Pisces. She needs a woman who is well present, seductive, her air indifferent attracts people a lot. They are not anxious to find love.

It is a feminine sign and they are not ashamed to connect with their emotional and sensitive part.

The woman who is with him must always be present, be aware of what he does and not leave it on his own. They will succumb to a woman of strong character, determined and always present, who will mark the patterns of behavior.

Pisces man will have no problem in showing what he feels for the woman he loves. She often has many female friends, but will not accept any jealousy from her partner. However, when a man of this sign feels comfortable, the sentimental relationship can be magical and pleasurable.

The blue colors are attractive to him, as well as the esoteric and artistic subjects. He does not like too much structured or formal issues.

For his part, the Pisces woman is a woman of nature, sensible dreamer and idealist. Very fanciful and aspires to find great love. Usually they usually start a relationship idealizing a man but then, they realize that they were wrong and feel very disappointed.

They have a great sacrificial spirit and tend to expect a lot for the ideal man.

They need a romantic, dreamy man who can take them to a higher plane. They feel a great love for nature, music and animals. They will feel full with a man who can reach the same emotional depth as them.

The women of this sign are extremely sensitive, if they do not get the man who seeks falls into escapist behavior because for Piscis reality is often very hard to face. They will fall in love with a man with a strong character but who has a lot of sensitivity, are extremely feminine, attract much to the opposite sex for its particularity and its mystery. Intuitive and perceptive, they like to dance.

In the intimacy they surrender sexually and becomes something magical rather than passionate, the sensibility will prevail. They need to always feel that romanticism and magic.

Responses given to a Pisces woman should be gentle, never brusque. She is one of the most sensual and feminine women of the zodiac. It should be treated as a glass cup, with great care for its extreme sensitivity.

Defects of the people of Aquarius: they are unpunctual and tend to disconnect from reality, with difficulty to pose objectives, lack of personality.

Physical characteristics: they have quite soft skin, eyes and sweet look, heavy eyelids. Bulging eyes. They have no tendency to get fat, they are generally very thin. His smile generates tenderness.


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