Sagittarius Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-07 at 11:05 PM

Sagittarius Features

It is a sign ruled by Jupiter, planet that is related to abundance and joy.

Sagittarius is a sign of fire, of an expansive and joyful nature. Very optimistic and confident in the possibilities that life can bring. For this reason, sometimes it is often posed exaggerated goals.

They tend to lead a life that is beyond their means

Entrepreneur and adventurer, loves travel and does not mind paying the price to achieve what is proposed.

Sagittarius is a stimulating sign, with an energy that is not to be perceived. Good luck always accompanies you and always know how to get out of all situations well.

In the sentimental realm, being a sign of fire, when the man falls in love he does it quickly. He is extremely charismatic and often falls in love with women at first sight.

They begin their relationships with a lot of fire and passion but the problem is presented in the time to maintain that enthusiasm in the time. The Sagittarius man usually goes out fast.

He likes variety, and the woman who wants to be with him must be coupled with that adventurous and social spirit.

In the sexual field is very intense, likes the unexpected and unpredictable. Many times he is reckless and runs great risks of unwanted pregnancies.

Extroverted and seductive, he is not a man suitable for jealousy. The Sagittarius man loves his freedom and does not like being harassed.

He is not romantic, affectionate or expressive verbally, but he likes to do things in a big way, he will show what he feels for his partner with deeds, especially through some trip or party.

He will be interested in an athletic woman, determined, courageous, lover of action and adventure.

For her part, the Sagittarian woman knows how to enjoy life, likes to feel free and dynamic, is sociable in nature and loves sports.

He knows how to make the man at his side feel good through his good humor and optimism. You are passionate about challenges. He needs a man who can accompany her and surprise her. He hates routine and monotony. Also, the person next to a Sagittarius woman should have a sense of humor because the melancholy or sad repels her.

In the affective part, you need to feel friendly with your partner and share with her all your projects.

He is ardent in nature and likes to be surprised at various situations, you can enjoy a classic night by candlelight or an afternoon of adventure sport. He will find a man who is predisposed to life to surprise them.

He maintains that jovial spirit throughout his life. He trusts his partner very much, does not like to give explanations but does not ask for them either. The relationship has to be harmonious. He will say everything he feels frontally and with a very special sense of humor.

Defects of the people of this sign: they are exaggerated and irresponsible, they tend to flee before complicated or problematic situations. Superficial, unreliable, womanizer and climbers.

Physical characteristics: Athletic complexion because of its tendency to sports, youthful features, lively gaze. Men of this sign often have manly features softened by a sweet smile.

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