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2017-02-07 at 5:00 PM

How to conquer the Scorpio sign
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are pure passion. The men and women of this sign are the most intense and virtuous lovers of the horoscope. They render great worship to the body and to the physicist. They are those who leave the air a second impression: they are seduced by what they see the first time, and as they see you are treated. They live life in such a hurry that they are a storm of emotions. To live the love with them must be done with the energy and the precaution of whoever enters the storm. Are you going to dare to do it?

How to conquer the Scorpion man. For the man of this sign the passion is above all, and lives under that code. She is not someone who is moved by the tenderness or elegance of a woman, but by her frank sensuality.

So if you want to be visible on your radar, what you should do is be frank and direct: go for it. Approach and show your best cards. Your best profile, your security, your charisma: let me see you in your best clothes, with all your brilliance. Yes: you must raze.

When you talk to him, let your body express itself: let your body language do the work. Touch, come on, give signals. Do not get cowed … but mark your border. Scorpio does not like seduction to be so simple. You can be sure that if he shows interest, that he approaches you, his siege is about to begin.

The rule of the game is that he must be convinced that it is he who leads the baton, that it is the seductive master who has set eyes on you and who has chosen you. There is no reason to make you see the truth …

How to fall in love with the Scorpio woman. To approach and to love the native woman of this sign is vital that you take into account its sensuality and that puts above all the physical aspect. This does not mean that he will choose the most beautiful men ever. It means that you will be attracted to those self-confident, seductive, proactive … Those men who resemble her.

So you must prepare your move. The most effective way to be interesting to a Scorpio woman is elegance and energy. Be resolute and firm. He sees her as one who is not willing to receive a no for an answer. Above all, be aware of how you look and how you see yourself: measure your reactions, think what you say before saying it, but always be passionate about what matters to you.

He comes with joyful and uninhibited places. Learn to dance: that is the ground where a Scorpio ends up giving up. Let the bodies in motion begin their dialogue, and let their contact yield the fruits you long for.

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