Scorpio Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-07 at 11:01 PM

Features of Scorpio
Scorpio is a sign ruled by Pluto, planet of intensity and passions.

The men and women of this sign have an absorbing personality and want to embrace everything. They are tenacious and very demanding themselves and also with others. However, he will never demand of others, more than he demands of himself.

Scorpio will always be interested in the mysteries of life, love, passion, sexual, mystical, magical and esoteric.

In the sentimental realm, the man of Scorpio is reserved, what he does not manifest through his body does manifest it through his looks. It has a strong and penetrating look. He is always eager to know everything and the mystery is what seduces him most.

He will be seduced by a woman who has the emotional intensity enough to contain it but also must have enough independence not to succumb to the strong personality of the Scorpio man. He has a great capacity for persuasion and uses it to his advantage, in this way he will always try to make the couple do what he wants.

The natives of this sign are very intense, little demonstrative through the words and yes through the facts. When the Scorpio man gets involved, he does it in earnest. He is possessive and jealous.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, has a strong physical resistance hence the romantic evenings are very intense. He is an insatiable man on a sexual level although of a romantic nature. He likes to share a lot with the couple, he is very reserved and will never make a show of his conquests, he respects the feminine and the woman very much.

With a Scorpio man the relationship will be all or nothing. Women looking for light relationships should not look at these types of men.

They feel very intense and that intensity is the biggest problem you have to face in your relationships. Your need to become one with the woman you love is often very choking to your partner. Intense, passionate, energetic and not demonstrative. Everything you feel feels inside, sweet and dreamy. He has trouble opening up.

The woman who wants to seduce him will have to use the mystery, the dark colors, also the indigo or the dark red.

The relationship with a Scorpio man is complex but pleasurable and forever changes the life of the woman who begins this relationship.

For her part, the woman of Scorpio is overly passionate, very emotional, intuitive, perceptive and receptive. Mysterious, with a deep penetrating look. They are women who always draw attention because of their magnetism and their special aura.

She is very perceptive about those around her thinking or feeling. She is astute and insightful. Endowed with a strong sexuality, she needs a man who can satisfy her. When you get involved it’s all or nothing, it’s never half-hearted and you hate warm relationships. .

Scorpio is the sign of extremes. The woman in this sign needs a relationship where her partner is continuously present by showing her how much they love her and how much they need her.

Look for stable long-term relationships. Despite intense passion, he is extremely faithful to the man he loves. He will never forgive betrayal or deceit. He will give everything but will expect everything in return.

Defects of the people of Scorpio: resentment, spiteful or vindictive spirit. They never forget some snub or injury. They are controllers, manipulators and jealous.

Physical characteristics: exotic faces, intense penetrating gaze. Prominent nose and eyebrow mirrors. Hair abundant.

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