Taurus Zodiac Characteristic

2017-02-07 at 7:44 PM

Features of Taurus
Taurus is a sign of land governed by Venus, for this reason people of this sign possess a sensual nature, elegant and refined.

The men and women of Taurus feel a great inclination toward comfort, luxuries and a loose material life. They enjoy the good gastronomy and the aroma of good perfumes. They like to be treated with great care and respect and long to live in harmonic and pleasant environments.

Taurus is ruled by the senses, for this reason the natives of this sign usually have a very marked hedonistic behavior. You will work steadily and patiently to achieve your goals.

In the sentimental realm, Taurus men are introverted but at the same time very passionate, they may have adventures but what they are really looking for are deep and lasting relationships.

The woman who intends to conquer the man of Taurus, must be a sober and elegant woman, and possess a great capacity to contain him emotionally and to make him feel loved.

At the beginning of the relationship, the Taurus man can be a little elusive about commitment. However, when you get involved you get serious and will do everything possible to make the relationship last. It will be little demonstrative with words but will express their emotions through sexuality.

Taurus men usually have a good sexual performance. They are very fiery and they like that their partner surprises them through aphrodisiac meals or through stimuli previous to the sexual relation.

She is romantic and likes to plan her romantic evenings. Retailer, you need to feel a strong pride for the woman who is by your side because it is a sign that takes great care of their appearances.

They are stubborn men, they will not change their way of being or their way of thinking easily. It is better not to enter into a discussion because he will not change position.

For its part, the taurine woman is considered one of the most sensual of the zodiac. She is ambitious and practical but at the same time sensual and has a great capacity to enjoy life.

He is very persevering at the time of love. He needs a man with a strong personality, who is ambitious. They respect people who struggle for their goals but who also allow themselves to enjoy life.

They are romantic, with a great need for physical contact. In the sexual field, it will give importance to all the elements that surround the sexual act. He will respect the man who takes care of every detail, likes to feel courted. A good way to conquer is by taking them to a good restaurant.

When he falls in love he delivers a lot but also expects a lot from the couple. If she takes the relationship seriously, she will demand the same from the man next to her. They will not forgive an infidelity or a betrayal.

Defects of Taurus people: They tend to passivity and inertia and can be a bit selfish. The capital sin of Taurus is gluttony. They are usually stubborn and have a very materialistic approach to life.

Physical characteristics: harmonious, sensual and striking features. Women usually have large breasts and thick back men. Both can have thick hands and feet and shiny and rebellious hair.


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