Virgo Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-07 at 8:36 PM

Virgo Features
Virgo is a land sign, of practical nature, with a methodical style that allows you to reach your goals. They are ruled by Mercury and are usually very clear on what they want.

In the workplace they tend to be very efficient and stand out for their ability. They are able to analyze various situations and come to a successful conclusion.

In the realm of love, Virgo’s man invests his energy well. It is direct, synthetic and what expresses or manifests has only one meaning, it is not a sign with a double discourse.

Virgo’s man is transparent and clear, with a strong critical spirit, which leads him to be along with Aquarius and Capricorn, the three signs with a greater tendency to singleness.

Being so critical they find it difficult to find a woman who dazzles them. They are seduced by a laborious and practical woman, who has clear goals like him. Sweet and companion, may your affection manifest it. It is a sign that he struggles to open with his partner and when he does it is intense and passionate.

They are often ironic in their conversations and this feature can frighten women a little, if they want to conquer it they will have to learn to handle smartly, their cynicism and their ironies.

When they are interested in a woman, they are usually very clever when it comes to seducing her, they will go slow but they will succeed and conquer it.

Generally, Virgo man seeks a woman with low profile, does not like to flaunt ostentation. Extremely reserved with his intimate life, he will not get along with a person who wants to be the center of attention.

He is an ideal man for a classic woman, who dresses modestly and avoids large necklines and shrill colors. In short, a conservative woman who will find a virginian, a person willing to compromise and give everything for the couple.

The Virgo man is not usually interested in casual relationships, nor is he willing to waste his time. He will not promise what he will not be able to fulfill, nor will he be interested in hysterical women, he likes the relationship to come naturally.

On the other hand, the woman of Virgo has the capacity to go achieving step by step its aims and objectives. She is a critical and demanding woman.

The Virginian will make an exhaustive evaluation regarding the man that appears in his life. They need someone ambitious, self-sufficient, with important projects that want a stable and lasting relationship.

They are usually introverted, which is why they need an affectionate, emotional man who can contain them. They are more passionate than they show but prefer to go slowly so as not to be disappointed.

Apparently they always seem to be calm and have everything under control but the procession goes inside and they need to perform physical activities to release that tension.

Defects of Virgo people: Obsessive and overly critical of others. They tend to be hypochondriacs. Uncommunicative or boring. Difficult to deal with and a little shy. Always look for the negative in each situation.

Physical characteristics: very beautiful eyes, physical features that denote a lot of tranquility. Delicate nose, beautiful hands and long fingers.


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