Cancer Horoscope 2017

2017-02-08 at 1:53 AM

Cancer 2017

This will be a year moved to Cancer. Family changes and important decisions will be surprising you throughout 2017, as well as demanding that you be very attentive to what you do and to what is happening around you. Those with large children should give them a push to achieve their independence. All these important events will make the natives of Cancer more sensitive than usual, which is enough, making their bad mood come to light more easily.

Single crabs will remain so until September, when serious relationships will find fertile ground in their lives to develop. Until then, work will be a priority because of the constant demands that will come from that side, so you will only have the concentration necessary to focus on sex, leaving the tenderness, romanticism and stability, definitely aside.

For those who already have a constituted partner, complicity will be the goal that they intend to reach with their partners. However, it will not be an easy task, since there will be discussions about the course that the children will take, failing to reach an agreement that will allow them to find the peace that the couple needs to become emotionally close as you need it. Only in the last month of the year will you be able to put your minds together for a common goal.

Friends and Family
As we said at the beginning, the protagonists of the year will be the children. The satisfactions of the past will be obscured by a present that seems to have no direction. You will need more patience than usual, Cancer, to be able to cope with this situation. In turn, you also have to convince yourself that independence is the best path your children can take at this point in their lives. Do not try to keep them at your side at any cost, as it can generate serious problems for you.

Friends will always be around to support in these situations. Take refuge in them and follow the example of those who have children and who have accompanied them on their way to freedom.

Work and Money
There are times when money will be a very precious commodity, since it will not abound. The place where you work is going through a crisis and it is possible that the salaries are frozen as an emergency measure. By the middle of the year, there may be a temporary or permanent cessation of work. For doubts, start looking for other options a few months before.

Mars will transit through your VI House, becoming more aware of the importance of healthy eating and daily exercise to maintain good health and physical well-being. Beware of accidents related to blows, shocks and falls, since Mars is a planet that, among other things, brings these risks as a side effect of its passage through the House of Health.

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