Cancer Man Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-08 at 1:28 AM

How is man cancer
The natives of the sign of Cancer represent the most paternal sign of the zodiac: not in vain their House is that of motherhood and fatherhood, the home and family duties. A man of this sign has his priorities clear, and these are to form a family and honor his own home. They are defenders of tradition and extremely conservative. Therefore, they live their lives under strict codes and are not allowed to leave them. There is no one more firm and determined than a Cancer man, but there is also no one who holds on to comfort and detests change.

For Cancer, life advances in one direction and everything is clear. In this measure they do not fear uncertainty: they believe in action and reaction, in which our actions, while good, will lead to good things: achievements, successes, hope … Therefore they are very fragile in the face of the setbacks of life, although Few vain illusions are allowed. They do not commune with mysteries or ambiguities: they are the type of men that the small letter before you sign a contract.

For men of the sign of Cancer love is not a simple task: love is first and foremost confusion, a tug-of-war of two wills, a construction that is carried out on many assumptions and many disagreements. Cancer, who loves clarity, wants to save himself all these ravings and quests, and demands his partner to stop playing games and put in his words and sense a single intention: to be together. It is better to avoid contradicting them in life in a relationship, because communication is not one of their virtues.

As parents and husbands Cancer men are without a doubt the best horoscopes. They know intuitively what it takes to get ahead and educate beautiful children. They do not hesitate in the firm hand nor keep the loving gesture. They know how to cheer and accompany, and they are reluctant to be separated. Firmly believe that unity is the ultimate strength of a home, and they are willing to give it all for their family.

Because they understand the responsibility perfectly, the natives of Cancer are great workers: responsible and committed, they are those who never fail to work and are well able to leave days of rest to reach perfection in what they do. They are perfectionists, and they do not want to be overtaken by competition.

Perhaps the greatest defect of Cancer is the way they cling to tradition and detest change. They do not allow others to grow outside the normal channels and no violation of their strict codes of honor is allowed. They must learn spontaneity, which is the source of joy.

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