Capricorn man Zodiac Characteristics

2017-02-08 at 1:42 AM

How is the Capricorn man?
We are faced with the most responsible men of the horoscope: those who know how to wait, those who listen before speaking, those who wait for the moment of not harming to act, those who never have a hurtful phrase and do not take advantage of the weaknesses of others … If we want to sum up the native men of the sign of the hippogriff under a word that must be “integrity.”

Men born under the sign of Capricorn believe in the bonds (not only in the family, but in the ones we have with any form of life, with the Earth, with the stars) and live in respect of these unions, in honor Of everything with which he feels connected. He is a profoundly spiritual being who sees no difference between what he believes and what others believe: he considers that we are all children of the same principle, that within each one beats the same sacred flame.

In love the native men of Capricorn follow the same maxim. They love their partners as a deity, and nothing can keep them from that worship. They devote themselves in details and care, and can be overwhelming in the zeal they put in satisfying each one of the desires of their love. Nothing can stand in the way of the happiness of the person they love. They take this maxim to the extreme and can sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of the happiness of their partners, family and friends.

As parents Capricorn are admirable: they take care of every detail of the education and health of their children, watch over their security from sun to shade, and spare no expense and effort to equip them with what is necessary and to fulfill each and every one of them. Their whims. They live as if there is a golden thread between them and their children and couples: they attend to the vibration before the call for help is heard. And they come ready and sure to help who needs them. Their homes are oases of love and calm, where everyone is invited: their table is generous and knows no exclusions.

Capricorn are dedicated and patient, organized and methodical workers: it is best to commission those jobs that require great concentration and creativity. Not to waste, nor their gift of people, because they know how to deal even with the most difficult and angry people. They are great psychologists and doctors, healers and therapists, natural leaders who know how to make the best of anyone.

If you want a partner or a friend for life, our best option is undoubtedly to approach the Capricorn man, who will know to be loyal if we open our heart and we are as transparent as him. It is all that a man of this sign asks: to give him what he offers with his hands full.

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