Gemini Horoscope 2017

2017-02-08 at 1:51 AM

Gemini 2017

Start a year full of opportunities for Gemini, which are definitely led by a noticeable change of attitude. This change will respond to a highly positive change in regards to the personality of the natives of this sign, which will acquire a much more mature imprint. The reality will cease to be an unattainable chimera and the twins will line up to face life in a responsible way. If you had any subject pending with the field of Literature and letters, this year will bring you the opportunities to realize them. Who tells you not to be the object of a productive change of vocation?

Solving problems in bed seems to be the fantasy come true of the Gemini during the year that begins. Although there will be much aggressiveness hitherto contained that will come to light, the incandescent desire will heal all the wounds that are open. It should be noted that the fire heals everything.

Marriages and stable couples will have a serious crisis, which Gemini representatives will try to resolve on their own, making decisions that their partners will ignore and, therefore, will be taken by surprise.

If you are alone or alone, you will have many adventures this year, but the internal consolidation necessary to achieve a stable and, especially, faithful relationship will not come. So you do very well not to hurt anyone with impossible promises to keep and keep your single, while you take every adventure to unleash the eroticism that you will have to blossom.

Work and the Economy
Personal problems, more specifically those of couple, will spoil the work achievements, preventing you to enjoy them, while also you will feel inhibited to ask your superiors extra benefits, since you know very well that your performance will not be the one you are accustomed to give .

The months of May, June and July will demand more energy than you can give, since you will feel exhausted, especially during the last month, when Jupiter and all its benefits in the business area will tell you goodbye.

A very important event that will mark your year is that you will finally start to value the money, which will lead to more intelligent expenses, leaving aside the trivial purchases.

Social Links
During the first part of the year, friendships will be forgotten, as your family will occupy most of your free time. You will be chosen to act as mediator between those who fight and do not have much predisposition to reconcile. The month of July will be occupied by your internal conflicts, so you will choose to move away from all sorts of relationships. Only from August the friends of always will be able to enjoy again your sparkling company.

In the field of health, infections will be felt this year, causing your body to suffer due to high labor demands and the climate of tension in that area.

The worst part of the year will be October, when gastrointestinal disorders will give you the signal that you should try to reduce labor stress. From that moment, your health will improve on an upward curve.

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