Leo man Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-08 at 1:30 AM

How is the Leo man?
For Leo’s men life is a challenge and those who do not share their cause are their enemies. The natives of the sign of Leo are jealous of their goals and their dreams, and are usually taken with great zeal their companies. They do not like obstacles, and whatever these adverse forces are (situations, people, ideas …) attack them without mercy until they destroy them. They are aggressive and determined, and very fixed, immutable ideas. In fact, they like that life be according to the model they have established: things as they see and understand them, and outside of that pattern, nothing.

Men of the lion’s sign are the most proactive and audacious. Of them is the line of the entrepreneurs and the explorers. They do not walk half-heartedly in any sphere of life: with them it is all or nothing, always. White or black, good or bad, body or soul, hatred or love: Leo natives are going to choose one side each time, and only one. It may be the right one or not, but whatever your choice, the Leo will defend it to the last consequences.

Like all strong personalities, the Leo is of great charisma and personality: a born seducer who does not stop at anything when he sees the person who satisfies his desire in front of him. Romanticism goes in the old fashion. With the leonine is lived a romance in full order. When you are with your partner they are delivered thoroughly and in full, but it is better not to test them or neglect them. When they know they are not the center of attention, they look for another port. They are not infidels by nature, but by boredom. Routine, for this, is the opposite of love.

They are passionate and intense parents who go out of their way for their daughters, but they live in conflicting relationships with their children, because they do not stop seeing them as rivals in the home and before life. They have a bit of alpha males, and they do not tolerate sharing the protagonism. They suffer from jealousy with their children, their partner, their family … They do not know to share scenarios nor heart, and it is better to show them affection at all times.

Leo in the professional aspect is not teamwork. Great individualists, grow and develop as productive beings in solitude, without the distraction of someone who challenges them the protagonism and the merits. Their passion for work only equals their hunger for recognition, and whenever they are encouraged, they can be assured that they will bear good fruit in the assigned task.

Perhaps the greatest defect of the Leo is his exaggerated passion: that not knowing nuances can be mortal in more than one sense. They have to recognize that in all aspects of life there is more than pure extremes. There is always a gray strip in which opposites meet and coexist.

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