Men Gemini Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-08 at 1:25 AM

How is the Gemini man?
The Gemini natives are the most complex men in the zodiac … but they are also the ones who have a greater scope in their ambitions. The natives of the sign of the twins know that a life is not enough to fulfill all that is dreamed, and for that reason they decide to be multiple, diverse: they want to exhaust all the experiences that life puts within their reach, to drink all the juice of Life, and therefore dare to be more than one person at a time.

It is not easy to live with a Gemini, because they are people with a double facet: they can conjugate within themselves the opposites. They know how to live the masculine and the feminine, the carnal and the spiritual, the eternal and the immediate. They take the best of those two voices we all hear when making a decision: they are Machiavellian, for they create their own moral code, and it is not always easy to understand the nature of their decisions. They do not move by heart, but by convenience. They do not seek to evolve, but to be in this moment and in this life the most complete being.

It is not easy to love a Gemini man, for this very reason. They are not people who surrender easily or let their inner out. You have to dig, you have to try to be patient, and that is that before a participant, the Gemini is a spectator of life. Someone who observes and studies rather than be carried away by his passions. You have to know how to break the armor around you, and we must say that you rarely let that happen. For their partners, friends and family, Gemini are a mystery throughout their lives.

In spite of this, once they decide to have a family, the Gemini prove to be loving and sincere parents, given to the common cause of educating and carrying out their family. They have no desire for infidelity or to live other adventures once they have settled their heads, but before … Be very careful: if a Gemini does not make their commitment evident, it may not be where it says it is …

They are notable workers especially if they are employed in foresight and in carrying out projects: their multiple vision of life allows them to anticipate trends and the unexpected. They always live with an ability to anticipate the facts that must be exploited. They are determined and determined, and their analytical ability prevents them from taking a false step.

Gemini do not love solitude, but they like being with themselves. They are, in some way, complete within themselves, and that is their greatest defect: they do not allow others to join and complement them. They do not usually recognize the value that others have in our own lives by enriching them.

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