Pisces man Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-08 at 1:46 AM

How is the Pisces man?
If there is a territory halfway between sleep and wakefulness, between imagination and reality, between what can be and what is, that is the country of the man with the sign of Pisces. The natives of this sign have in their favor a great sensitivity … And against it the inability to decide between the realms of the imaginary and the real. Poets and dreamers, the sign of the fish sign man are impractical and a chaos in everything that has to do with the planning and projection of scenarios. Life goes out of hand while they insist on dreaming it … but, many times, Pisces stop being mere dreamers to become true visionaries.

Pisces men carry on the hard task of living with one foot in the land of dreams and another in real life. It is not simple, and more than once throughout their lives they will be confused and will not know where they are: whether in sleep or reason, whether where the imagination prevails or where the acts count. Its mission is to bring from sleep that which can be applied in life, like that of every shaman and visionary, but it does not always succeed in landing in the facts that which seems so simple with closed eyes.

In love the Pisces are hesitant. It is not that they fear compromise: they are incapable of it. They take time to know what they want, and whoever does not know what he wants, can not be bound to love, can not be carried away by true passion. They usually go from one person to another, without making it clear what they are looking for. They break hearts without intending to do it, they hurt are their doubt and their silence, but they possess a noble heart. Sometimes they open their eyes and understand Destiny: then they cling to the person they love. All you have to do is discover and let yourself be discovered.

Pisces rarely found a home and gave themselves to a family. Immature by nature, parenting is for them a mystery that they refuse to learn, but once life puts them on that path, they are loving parents, the best friends of their children, the funniest husbands, the most Creative heads of family. Although it is necessary that they take care of its economy, since they are little given to the forecast and the savings.

Do not give tasks that require concentration and coordination. They are creative tasks: writing, clairvoyance, construction … They are not good to communicate or to command, so it is better that they are part of the team, and not their head.

If you want to understand the mystery of the world, you have to approach a Pisces.

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