Sagittarius Man Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-08 at 1:40 AM

How is Sagittarius man?
For the natives of the sign of the archer there are good reasons to wait for the future, because they know in advance how it will be, what we should worry about and what about tomorrow. The Sagittarius live one step ahead of all others, because their spiritual gaze is set in the future, and they live the present in a way that their destiny is the most attractive of all.

Men born under the sign of Sagittarius know more about tomorrow than about now, and that makes them people who live more worried about what will come and what they have to so they should live and enjoy right now. He is the type of man who knows in advance the agenda he will have in a month, but who forgets his commitments of the moment.

It is not easy to reconcile with a mentality like this, and Sagittarius face problems of compatibility and coexistence very often, because they are convinced of the greatness they have to enjoy in the future, but they do little to cultivate the affections that come their way. And it is that they believe more in the vision than in the acts, in the prophecy that in the fulfillment of the own promises.

The Sagittarius’ love life is not simple, because given its nature, they do not take pains to get close to the people they fall in love, because they somehow feel leaders of the pack, and do not want to give their arm to twist. Confident of themselves, and inflexible for it, they believe that they are called to improve the lives of the people who love them. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes not. And when they do not it is because of that excessive vanity of those who think they have the control of time.

It is hard for a Sagittarius to make a commitment, so it is not easy for them to maintain a stable partner or form a family. Life is preparing for love and children, but rarely get on the boat to reach the port where that shared journey begins. When they do, however, they are great and foreseeing parents, who save and make perfect planning of their children’s future. They often amass a remarkable heritage from very young and know how to grow goods and money, which the future that they yearn for their family, is usually brilliant.

For this reason, the best professions for those born under the sign of the archer are those that have to do with future trends: investments, agriculture, education, statistics and clairvoyance.

If you want to go through the inclemencies of the future, the best ally you can have is a Sagittarius sign man. Beside him time is a continuous river and without any disturbances. There is no better ally against the uncertainties of life.

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