Taurus Man Zodiac Characteristics.

2017-02-08 at 1:23 AM

How is the Taurus man?
To sum up the nature of the men of the sign of Taurus it is convenient to use one word: “Patience.” Although you can also add to this “Work”. And it is that the natives of Taurus are lovers of patient work, which ends up breaking all the barriers, breaking the limits and breaking down the resistance. Yes: Taurus men have come to this world to break what remained solid and untouchable: they are the evidence that the effort of one person can change the world.

Those born under the sign of Taurus have as their maxims effort and tolerance. Like every great worker and creator, he puts himself (barely seeing the light) to the task of amending the world, of bringing him closer to the ideal image he has of him. For the Taurus there is a duty and that is to make their life, work, and work, eternity. Taurus knows that all his acts have repercussions and for that reason he must undertake them of the best way, with the greater force, with all fortitude.

When it comes to love, Taurus men assume the couple as a lifelong task. They do not believe so much in love at first sight as in the love that is built day by day, moment by moment, with facts … Taurus lovers do not make promises: they anticipate the wishes of their partners and make them reality with actions and deeds . They are little affectionate (they are not of kissing or embracing in public), but their acts speak for them. They like to be suppliers and they do not give up until the woman of their dreams feels treated like a real queen.

This dedication makes them great and attentive parents, who closely follow the lives of their children and sometimes commit excesses, such as trying to live their lives for them by removing all obstacles from the front. They are overprotective and overly tolerate their children, which can lead them to spoil them. They make up for these shortcomings with a love of proof and a total commitment to family and home.

The men of the sign of Taurus are tireless workers, who in this quality may have their greatest defect. And it is that they give themselves with such passion to work that they can forget that there are other things to deal with, other ways to live the time and to take advantage of it. And that obsession can separate you from the people who love you. They need to know the balance: a life is worth only if you live where you give love and happiness.

To be close to a Taurus is to be close to someone who values ​​work and struggle, who does not know defeat, believing that each one is responsible for the creation of his own destiny.

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