Cancer Woman. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:41 PM

How Cancer Women Are
The native of the sign of the amphibian has very clear its priorities: it wants to form a home, and will put all its talent and capacity to achieve it. First of all, the attributes of the woman of the sign of Cancer are summarized in one word: adaptation. The natives of this sign know how to move from one medium to another without losing strength or creativity: from company to loneliness, from work to unemployment, from health to illness … There is no circumstance or means that opposes and diminishes them. They leave ahead of every situation and there is no force that can bring them down. They are the best allies, the most supportive couples, the most restless workers.

Those born under the sign of Cancer do it under the house of motherhood, and this makes them homey and dreamy enclosed in an ideal: the perfect home, the most beautiful family, the strongest and healthy children … This does not make them, without However, in submissive people, because this aspiration does not make them lose their entrepreneurial spirit. Far from it: family and home are businesses throughout their lives. The ingenuity that others apply in business, they deposit it in making life more loving and simple for those who love.

For Cancer, love is the center of their lives and activities, and they do not let anything stand between them and their romantic dreams. If a native of this sign falls in love with you, you can be sure that you will find out: she is not afraid to say what she feels or to go after the person who can fill her loving aspirations.

As mothers, women of the sign of Cancer are delivered and loving, patient and careful: they do not leave at random any of the plots of their daughters’ education, and may be overprotective, but only to the extent that the world is hostile to With your home.

Perhaps the most valuable part of a Cancer woman is her invincible spirit: there is no battle or challenge than the frightening one. It has the heart in its place and is never lowered or sold, does not flinch or surrender, and its optimism is contagious. Undoubtedly, it is the best companion for uncertain times and when the world turns its back on us.

The defect that can play against native amphibian sign is their attachment to dreams: they often idealize too much what they are looking for, and they can put a blindfold on their eyes to avoid recognizing that things do not work as they wish. They need to cultivate criticism of themselves and their environment, and not see it as a weakness, but as a tool for perfection.

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