Capricorn Woman. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:53 PM

How is the Capricorn woman?
For the natives of the sign of the hippogriff life has a necessary hardness, and for this reason they are solidary and generous with every person, with every form of life. These are women who usually address social causes and push for changes in the name of the most unprotected. They believe in the sacredness of all living things, and fill their lives with little ceremonies. They need to feel that existence is a celebration to which everything is invited.

The native ones of the sign of Capricorn are tender and serene. The kind of spirits that remain calm even in the most difficult and adverse situations. It is not that their fate is apathy: they do not offer easy consolations before the problems, because before any adversity they put hands to the work, shoulder to shoulder, and never give up.

If there is a word that can be used to define the native of the sign of Capricorn, that is “temperance.” Capricorns know that serenity is necessary to avoid the mistakes that the haste and lack of information. The Capricorn wait for the precise conditions to come. It seems that before a problem they are immobilized, but the truth is that once they know that they must act, they do it without their pulse failing them.

Capricorn women do not like to waste their time in banal relationships. They grant everyone their right to be, to exhibit a personality, but also demand respect for themselves. They do not believe that people change, and so they live the love: they accept and tolerate that their partner grows his way, but when things go wrong, they know that it is best to say goodbye. In order to fall in love, you have to be yourself, and stop pretending, because in the proximity that a Capricorn woman demands there is no room for lies.

Capricorns are among the most loving and delivered mothers. There is nothing they are not able to do for their family (give up a career, take the bread out of their mouth, give up their whole life …). However, they are respectful mothers of the growth of their children and do not intervene in their lives more than to give them the right direction or energetic advice. They know how to be friends with their little ones and believe that rather than banning and censoring, it is better to share and understand.

For the natives of this sign, work is a religion, and they do not give back to any challenge, nor do they believe that there is work or a small position: wherever they are put, they will be seen growing, no matter how humble of their location. If you have to start a business or a move, it is certainly best to have a Capricorn next.

The woman of Capricorn is the sign that goodness can become an unbeatable force.

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