Female Gemini. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:39 PM

How is the Gemini woman?
In order to love a woman of the Gemini sign, one must arm herself with patience and serenity, for with her we find ourselves before one of the most mysterious signs and the most inas- sible personality. And it is that nobody is seen as many edges as in the native sign of the twins: this woman has a deep soul and a personality full of labyrinths. It is not easy to reach your heart or stay in it. It is easy to get lost on the way … Or to discover that in the center of the labyrinth there is something totally different from what you thought to find. Without a doubt, knowing a Gemini is all adventure.

The woman of Gemini is vast and complex. It has within itself more than one personality, and this allows it to live in a single life more of an experience, more of an aspect of existence. Gemini women want to try everything, to live everything, to go through each experience … And that makes it very difficult to make them stay in one place.

This hunger for experiences makes Gemini women unreliable in certain respects, not to test their concentration or their fidelity … Or they will suffer bitter consequences. The best thing is to fill their lives with surprises and surprises, challenges and travel: never have to allow yourself to fall into the routine or the Gemini will escape without saying goodbye, because to stagnate is worse than death.

Unwavering and creative women who are native to the sign of the twins are great employees and managers, but they should not be put to perform repetitive or routine activities, because as long as they lose interest, they lose their creative drive and productive capacity.

Gemini do not always have family or marriage as a priority, as they are independent women, who do not fear being single mothers to support themselves. Nor are they afraid of solitude, because their vast inner life and their multiple interests make them a person to whom a single existence is not enough to enjoy their own person.

For a Gemini a relationship is only complete if her partner is as intense and audacious as herself, so that the Geminians are not worth the unfulfilled lukewarmness or promises: you have to give yourself and put all the meat on the grill, and Never divert attention. This is true for relationships and friendship. Therefore it is not easy to reach the heart of a native of this sign: it takes a lot of dedication and a lot of patience, and dedicate a lot of time.

Everything that is given to a Gemini, however, will be more than compensated for, being close to it means touching the real intensity with the hands.

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