Female Scorpio. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:50 PM

How is the Scorpio woman?
The natives of the sign of Scorpio are women of flag. This is the most sensual women in the zodiac. Those that are naturally a weapon of seduction, without leaving aside other aspects of their personal fulfillment. The natives of this sign know how to take advantage of their natural advantages (their beauty, their magnetism, their charisma, their intelligence) to excel in work and life. Extremely competitive, the Scorpians do not leave challenge without attending or bet without playing. They like to face and win, but they are very bad defeats, which can hurt them in more ways than one.

Although they are very aggressive and dominant, in the depths of themselves the native ones of the sign of Scorpio are fragile and they do not support the rejection, however small. This need for affection accompanies them all their lives. They do not always know how to fill their gaps with affection, preferring to stay aloof and alien, and feel that allowing closeness would be weak.

The women of Scorpio seek with all their strength the love of their life. For them this love is someone who overpowers them, dominates them, points them to the path. One of the problems of the native women of the sign of the scorpion is that despite their gifts and attributes, they are put into the hands of those who love too often, and that can play them very against, for they do not confuse force with fortitude , The domain with affection. They are jealous and impulsive, and it is better not to flirt or criticize their partners.

His natural insecurity is offset by his perfectionist zeal and his vision. This balance makes them great entrepreneurs, owners of their own professional destiny. They work on their own, they make companies surrender, because they know how to defend their ideas and projects to the end.

They are protective mothers, but they are not cut off by letting their children to be educated by facing the walls. They believe that hardness and discipline are necessary to form a worthy personality, a character that imposes itself before the troubles of existence.

They are excellent administrators, and know how to save and grow their resources. When their relationships fail, they do not fear loneliness, and take charge of the home if they doubt or fear. They are of that strain that has no problem reinventing itself again. Working women to old age, they need the movement and the challenges to feel comfortable with themselves.

There is no need to be intimidated by the apparent aggressiveness of a Scorpio: within it there is a world of tenderness and creativity that becomes entrenched due to a lack of affirmation. It is necessary to know how to accompany her in her struggles, for at her side only success can be known.

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