Female Taurus. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:37 PM

How is the Taurus woman?
The one born under the sign of the bull is one of the most faithful and dedicated women of the zodiac. He is also one of the most hard-working and responsible people that exists, for he makes each of his obligations a reason to live. In fact, the great problem of Taurus women is that they take life very seriously and put the honor and fulfillment of their obligations ahead of everything. What they do, many times, without giving themselves time to enjoy what life can offer them.

Taurinas are simple and independent women, lovers of a life despojado and dignified, in which the luxuries are that: unnecessary luxuries. They believe in study, work and effort, perhaps with too much force, and therefore lose sight of the joys of small things.

If there is something that binds the Taurus to a conflicting relationship in their faith in the people: they believe that everyone can change, and often give themselves to the task of defending lost causes throughout their life. However, there is something very true: in gray times and lean cows, there is no better ally in life than a woman of the Taurus.

For Taurus women there is a moment for every thing, and it is often taken as a very thoughtful decision the relationships and the commitments, but when they happen and are abandoned to them, there is no force that can separate you from the people you love. Naturally homelike, she dreams of a home and with more than one child. Usually she puts all her effort into it, although she does not find a moment to be still, and usually feels divided between work and home, always.

They are loving mothers, who always carry their children by the hand, throughout all the stages of their life, and daughters who honor at all times the surrender of their parents. They believe in the sacredness of bonds and are able to give everything for their own.

The best careers that a taurine can choose has to do with patient work and observation: scientists, psychics, lawyers, investigators, actresses … Whatever career you choose, there is in them an all-round will that can overcome every obstacle Regardless of their nature.

For the Taurus the priorities are clear, but so is their sense of duty. In the name of promises or their sense of duty they are able to leave a life aside, to lose great opportunities. It is not that they are credulous, but that they believe in the goodness of the people and of the world. This is not a weakness, but the greatest show of strength that we are capable of as humanity.

Taurus makes delivery the purest form of love.

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