Leo woman. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:43 PM

How is the Leo woman?
If there is a woman for whom the feline attributes were created that is the native woman of the lion sign. Women born under their influence are a conglomeration of cunning, beauty and seduction. A sensuality emanates from them, which is almost a force of nature. They do not accept a no response to their demands and that is their strength … And their tragedy.

When you meet a woman of this sign you discover that you will never finish meeting her. And it always strengthens his heart and hides behind a veil of mystery. It is not usual to open to strangers and choose their friends and their struggles very well. It is better to go step by step with her, because she will step back if she feels cornered. He has few affections for it, but keeps them for a lifetime.

The sign of Leo are the most passionate lovers of the horoscope, and are the most reluctant to yield to their affections. They make couples for life, and although they like flirting and seduction as a game, they do not waste time on relationships that do not have a real weight for them.

In professional terms, the native Leo are little given to normal procedures, and are adventurous and daring. Whether it is about launching a business at risk or starting a new business. There is no competition that can with them, because they know how to create paths where no one sees them possible. They are savers and know how to make the miracle of bread and fish in every circumstance.

For Leo the formation of a stable couple and a home is not something vital, but they like it to happen. If so, they are the most attentive and faithful lovers, and the most loving and defensive mothers. They educate their children in the rigors of life, because they want to create independent and strong people, like them. They see in weakness a sin, and this is a notion of which it is very difficult to keep them away.

Leo women, as impulsive and hedonistic beings who are, lose their compulsion: sometimes (perhaps too many) act without thinking, and in many of these times they must tolerate the weight of their hurried decisions about love and money . It is necessary to cultivate humility and patience, for the first allows us to receive the wisdom of others, and the second gives us the time to know how to apply it.

Leo women are great actresses and leaders. They should not be wasted (or allowed to be wasted) their talents, for you can disperse easily, and forget what you seek for the sake of urgencies and immediate appetites.

Life is a jungle, and the Leos know how to move in them like lionesses.

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