Pisces Woman. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:57 PM

How is the Pisces woman?
For the woman of the sign of Pisces there is no difference between what she dreams and what she lives … And that brings her many problems, because you can not always live in a dream, and dreams rarely teach us the practicality of life. For the Pisces woman there is a constant battle between reality and reverie and she can never decide on one or the other. His life is lived with eyes half open, but with other clear eyes: those of the mind, those of the heart, those of the spirit.

The Pisces woman is like the symbol that represents her sign: those two fish that swim in opposite directions and whose trajectories end up creating a single movement, that neither forward nor backward, but deepens in the soul, in the World, in existence.

For Pisces to speak of depth is not something alien: they always live under the waters in which reality is confused and what can be. That’s why they are great advisers and powerful thinkers. Its is not the action, but the thought that influences things and transforms them.

Fish sign natives are passionate lovers, but they love love more than people, and often go after one ideal after another, without finding the person they are looking for … because most of the time they do not know what Want. You have to be very patient with them. You have to wait for them to open their eyes and one day do not discover by their side. For dreamers what counts are facts, not words; The works, not the promises.

Pisces women neither home nor motherhood are priorities, but neither is having a career or developing a profession … In fact, live a day, letting things come to them, and abandoning the boat adrift. That is their greatest defect: they must cultivate a greater commitment to the causes of the real, to the realms of the practical … Or they run the risk that life will leave them behind.

Pisces women have to know how to take advantage of them, because although they are disorganized and little pragmatic at work are visionary and grandiose ideas that can be the difference between success and failure. Put them at the forefront of creative teams and let your ideas be what creates productivity.

With a woman native to the fish sign, you have to know how to leave carefully. It is necessary to let go with her in her dreams, to go and return from her delusions and dreams, and to take from her what serves to inhabit this world. When the storms of reality shake us, there is no such thing as being near a Pisces.

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