Sagittarius Woman. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:52 PM

How is the Sagittarius woman?
Those born in the shadow of the archer are determined women, who go one step ahead of their time. If you want to know what will prevail in the times to come, the trends and cycles that are about to begin, you have to be close to a Sagittarius woman, because her domain is the future. They are the people who end up imposing fashion, those who make the best bets and those who move the most towards the fulfillment of their destiny. With a Sagittarius life is speed and surrender, because they know that day by day they advance to the fulfillment of a plan bigger than themselves. And that plan, of course, includes those who love.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are women who stand out for their sagacity and their gift to move between places and times. They are often ahead of the decisions that others want to make for them, and always choose the moves that allow them to get the best out of every circumstance.

For the Sagittarius there are no second chances that count, so in matters of love they do not like doubts or startles. For them, every relationship is undertaken in the light of day and with all the rules well agreed and inviolable. For the archers love is an art that is learned between two, and are patient and faithful, but do not throw too much of the rope or will break: do not forgive or give opportunities when they fail. That yes: if they are paid with fidelity and loyalty, they are couples for the whole life.

Sagittarius women are great athletes, strong and agile, and should consider as professions those that have to do with effort and ability. They hold the pressure very well, and they are not intimidated by the resistance to their ideas and projects. They have no problem getting up again and again, because they do not know failure. They are reborn from their strongest and most determined ashes, having learned from faults and falls.

Do not be measured in a challenge with a Sagittarius, because your competitive spirit will make you forget any consideration. His biggest fault is that he believes in success, and if he does not find it soon and in the way he wants it, he can lose his temper and look for it at all costs, losing the center. This causes the natives of this sign to become infatuated with causes that are not always logical or possible.

You have to know how to follow a Sagittarius woman. Her faith in herself and her reasons, her natural strength, her desire to put life in order and to solve any problem that confronts her make her an invaluable ally, a friend to the test, a love for all lifetime.

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