Virgo Woman. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:45 PM

How is the virgo woman
If there is a woman who remains forever young, that is the woman of the Virgo sign. In it we find the eternal adolescent, the woman who never knows the bitterness, which preserves a generous and adventurous heart and an incredible capacity for wonder in spite of the passing of the years and the misfortunes of life.

For the born under the sign of the Virgin to life is a constant astonishment. His eyes never tire of the wonders the world has to offer. They are traveling women who know how to connect with trends and environments, with time and with people wherever they go. They are those people who know how to feel good to all the people they find on their way and who leave every place they have spent more livable, full of a particular magic.

That yes: it is not necessary to leave to a Virgo responsibility some … or one will suffer a disappointment. The natives of this sign are free and light beings in the broadest sense of these words. They do not admit the weight of any duty and call into question any link that tries to put chains on them. They were born to go from one thing to the other, from one surprise to the other, from one love to the next.

Virgo’s daughters are not great workers: they are not very consistent and it is better not to leave them tasks or duties that require great effort or remarkable patience. In return, the Virgo are people who show a sincere and untiring enthusiasm. If you ask them to follow a cause that seems right or important, they will not stop supporting it until they see results.

As couples, the Virgo are fickle and unreliable. Their relationships rarely survive their light and cheerful mood. You have to be able to see beyond appearances to love a Virgo, because you can confuse your legendary joy of living with superficiality. It is not easy to take the step and this can tire more than one, but if you learn to know (if you discover the tenderness and vitality of your heart) the truth is that you love them for a lifetime. And it nourishes hope and beauty to whoever decides to stay by his side.

The Virgo are usually loving mothers and delivered, although the work of the house and making them compatible with a professional career is fatal, and prefer to choose one of these paths. Whatever choice you make for your life, you will be happy, believing in the now and in the here, and you do not lose thinking about the one or maybe.

Before one born in the shadow of Virgo, it is better to arm yourself with patience. In exchange for this you can witness the prodigy of a life lived in all its splendor.

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