Woman Libra. Characteristics Zodiac Sign.

2017-02-12 at 10:46 PM

How is the Libra woman?
When you are near a woman with the sign of the balance you feel that your energy is restored, that harmony and balance fill you. You breathe more tranquility, you feel a relaxed atmosphere. And the natives of this sign have that mission in life: to find the right point where the opposite can coexist without problems or stridencies. Soul and body, spirit and mind, masculine and feminine: those born under the sign of Libra have the vocation to give each one its exact measure, to contribute the figure that ends by solving the puzzle.

The women of the sign Libra have many things clear since very young, and do not waste time in useless rebellions or superficial vanities. They are outstanding students, stable people and outstanding professionals. They do not usually get into trouble and maybe that is their biggest flaw: they seem to be committed to nothing.

However, the Libra natives do have their struggles and their wants. They are women who do not see love as a storm, but as a place to go in peace and find the existential balance. They prefer for that as a couple to serene and sweet people. With the Virgo seduction is not imposed, but the slow work of those who know to become indispensable day by day.

Libra are women who form couples and solid homes where the voice never rises and where violence is unthinkable. They are applied mothers, but they allow their children to discover for themselves the hardships of life. They believe in a character that learns to forge themselves and in people who go to life with their eyes open.

They tend to be great leaders, because mediocrity has not been made for them. They believe in balance, but never resign themselves to stagnation. They are hard on themselves, self-critical and never get wrapped up in the alibis we usually repeat to not do what is worth in life. They know that an existence is only happy in the full realization.

When a Libra woman conceives a project (personal or professional) nothing takes away from him, and it is better to step aside before thinking about preventing him from realizing his dreams. He never resorts to violence or confrontation: he achieves what he wants with the patient work of one who knows how to master time and its traps. It never despairs.

Before acting, Libra women think and rethink their alternatives, and that makes them great decision makers. If you need wise and effective advice, do not hesitate to approach them. Only words that are meditative and true will emerge from his mouth.

Libra women create balance wherever they go, for they emanate in all their purity.

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